PENDULUM- Part four

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Thank you for your comments, likes and views, you’re all gingering my swaga (I used to be a hard core Terry G fan back in the day), fueling my fire and pouring ink into my pen. Oga diri unu mma (it is well with y’all).

She leaned across his chest to stroke his left eyebrow, from there she proceeded to dig her fingers into his smooth curls. It was her ritual to stroke his hair whenever they were together, it amused him that she would subconsciously touch her own kinky hair just after touching his.

He waited until she started touching her own hair before stretching his hand to the table to rummage for a cigarette

I don’t like the smell of that your cigarette” she muttered.

He exhaled and concentrated on lighting his cigarette, after taking two puffs, he sighed and stretched.

Smoking is a filthy habit”

“Will you quit nagging about my smoking!”

“Me Folake, you’re calling me a nag right?”

“You’re obviously spoiling for a fight, I don’t have any energy left for one  because you have tired me out”.

She turned her back to him, giving him a full view of her bum and something stirred in his groin.

We weren’t exactly hiding it” she countered.

What happens now?”

“Like what?” She sat up and he was momentarily distracted by her dangling breasts.

“Emmmm, are you still together?”

“I wonder how you are the head of the medical unit when you cannot even think properly, anyway when we get our independence we will kick all of you out.”

“You don’t even sound sad about your broken engagement“. He grabbed the African print wrapper on the floor and covered his waist.

She looked at him with blazing eyes “if you must know, I’m happy it has ended. Now you and I can be together openly and even get married”.

“What!” His throat was too constricted to allow him say anything more.

Yes get married,  or did you think I’d give you my virginity just like that?”

“Folly I can’t marry you, you’re not of my race or even class. We had a good time together, let’s not complicate things“.

She spat on his face, “how can you say that? Do you know that no one would marry me because I’m not a virgin.”

“You should have thought about that before seducing me” he walked to the wash basin in the kitchen to wash his face.

Desperately trying to swallow her sobs and walk away with her head held high, she hurriedly picked up her scattered clothes, wore them and left the house.

Madu was still sleeping when Folake knocked at his door at 6am, he wasn’t on duty and had planned to catch up on many hours of lost sleep.

Who’s at the door” he was still rubbing his eyes as he walked to the front door of his one bedroom flat.

It’s me” his face instantly hardened when he heard her voice.

Who’s that” he said with a slight edge in his voice.

Madu are you trying to say you don’t recognise your fiancée’s voice?”

“I don’t have a fiancée”

“Madu stop this nonsense and open the door, it’s me Folake”.

“Nurse Folake, I did not invite you to my house at this hour”

“Madu please let me in, we need to talk

Talk?” He laughed harshly. “Talk about what? The forthcoming independence or how you and I are not on the same level?”

She sat down on the verandah floor because her legs suddenly felt like they couldn’t support her.  She remembered that he didn’t forgive easily, but did she even deserve forgiveness after wounding his pride like that? She covered her face with her hand bag and began sob.

Madu waited for a few minutes and when he did not hear anything, he went back to his room and sat on his bed. His thoughts wandered to and fro but they were all centered on Chinwe.

Is this nemesis or karma?” He said aloud.

Walking to the table like a man in a trance he neatly removed a sheet of paper from his note pad and began to write.

Dear Chinwe

I know I have to be the last person on earth you’ll expect to hear from, please don’t crush this paper and throw it away. I don’t deserve an audience from you, I have wronged you and betrayed the innocent and beautiful love that we shared. 

I can only say I’m sorry for hurting you, for getting carried away by things that do not matter. Please forgive me even though you really shouldn’t. 

My mother gave me your address in one of her letters and I didn’t even know that I’d commited it to memory until I started writing this letter. I haven’t forgotten anything about you, not your brilliance or your kindness or the earnest, honest affection we shared. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and undo the damage I caused.

I wish you every happiness in this life and even in the next. Send my regards to your intended husband, tell him I said he’s the luckiest man on earth.

Regretfully yours,

Maduforo Ajaero.

He folded the paper to fit into the envelope and gently put the paper inside before writing her address on it. He’d take it to the post office in the afternoon and it would make its way to England.

He was wearing a sad smile when he stood up and walked to his bed, he grabbed his blanket and covered his whole body with it. Before long he fell asleep and dreamt of Chinwe and Folake.



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