Do you know who Mansa Musa was? Let me give you a little history lesson.

He was one of the richest (several sources credit him as the richest) humans in history, he was a Malian king in the 1300s who rose to fame and power because the king who appointed him as deputy before he travelled to Mecca never returned. He became king of the immense Malian empire and showed an aptitude for wealth generation and soon became the wealthiest man in the world at the time.

Do you know who Mother Theresa was?
Stop laughing, I know you know her. Let me ask another question.

Do you know who Jesus Christ was and is?
Everyone knows him right?

Who’s the richest person you know personally? What did you just feel when you thought of him or her?
What about your favourite teacher as a child? Or that older person in secondary school who took you under their wing and treated you like you mattered? Who would you rather see right now, the richest person you know or that person who touched you the most?

It’s easy to want to be the Dangote of tomorrow or the Bill Gates of Nigeria, it is a laudable vision and I wish you all the best in that goal. However, it is more important to be a light in this world of darkness and pain, to be a balm for bruised hearts and most importantly to bring a smile to someone today.

Men and women of great wealth have been forgotten, will continue to be forgotten but the people who have given their all to make this world a better place, live in our hearts forever.

Thezenofbeingblog says it best- “My goal in life is to leave an imprint on the lives of the people I love not a footprint on the earth”. When I read his post and saw that sentence, I remembered that we’re usually asked to leave a footprint in the sands of time, to leave our mark on the earth. However, a footprint will be washed away by the waves and tides of life and our mark will erode one day but an imprint on a life? There’s no expiry date on that one.
Omooba’Jesu (how I love that name and the bearer) turned nineteen on Monday and she shared a beautiful post on turning nineteen and what it means for her. Here’s the post, please visit and say a word of prayer for her too.

Adaeze of Adaezewrites won best short story writer at the Nigerian Writers Awards, I’m so proud of her because she deserves this and more.
Uju of put up a beautiful post on giving and obligations, this post has plenty to do with the one and only St Valentine’s Day. It’s a guest post and totally worth the read. See post HERE
Although I live in Nigeria and may not be directly affected by racism (tribalism however is a different kettle of fish), it hasn’t stopped me from closely following race issues all over the world, especially in the US and being outraged and appalled by the regression we have been seeing in civil rights for coloured people especially black people like me. There’s a certain blogger I like for her candour, humour and with, her name is Luvvie Ajayi and her blog gives me life! Her latest post which is centered on Beyonce’s formation (have you seen that video? Beyonce is KING! There’s no other A-list… heck even D-list artiste who could have done that song, no one else is brave enough) and Black Pride vs White Pride. Check out the post HERE, it’s a little lengthy but totally worth the read.
Tamie also has a beautiful post about growth, it’s titled Look, it’s growing! you’ll laugh, think and learn…

So Sunday is the “big day” right? What are your plans? Don’t be like me who’s planning to chill after church and pretend to write.


  1. Haha @ don’t be like me who’s planing to chill after church and pretend to write.
    I’m thinking that I might just follow your footsteps for Sunday because as it is, my supposed Vals are stuck at the other end of MTN’s network and can’t send me messages all because my data was prematurely deactivated and they are too stingy to call.
    Thank you so much for the mention, I’m feeling fly…God bless you immensely for your kind words and I pray that all you wish for yourself may come to pass.
    Hmmm…about your post, it makes sense that we leave imprints on people’s hearts rather than on sand and yea, I going to do that. I always pray that God makes me rich so that I can bless lots of lives (in secret though) I’m not one for all those picture taking all because I carried a carton of indomie and half bag of rice to a home of underprivileged people.
    Nice post as always…I never knew Mansa Musa but I’ll check him out.


    1. MTN!
      Let me not say more because my feelings about their terrible services are too strong.
      I’m really happy that you won, it’s a validation of your hard work and talent too.
      I trust that you will touch lives with your substance just as you already do with your talents.


      1. I am changing my network provider tomorrow as I cannot deal with MTN’s bullshit anymore. *pardon my foul language*
        Awwww…thank you namsie for your kind words….

  2. Lol @ your last statement. Me don’t have any plans either maybe because I don’t like public holidays( except Easter and New Year Eve) or perhaps miss boo isn’t in view yet.
    Anyway I might just take myself out if I’m not too lazy and survey the eons of love dramas that will ensue.

    Really love reading your articles, soul searching, spirit lifting and awesomeness packed


    1. All of you seem to be laughing at me abi? Ok o. Might just make some gangster plans instead.
      Thanks for the love and support that you show us so easily here on blogsville.


      1. 😀😀😀😀. Nne not laughing at you now. The statement sound funny ni.
        Gangster plans?? Maybe I can fit in if I don’t sleep off after Sunday service. Hehehe.

  3. I’ll be in class, or reading a book I guess. Thankfully I bought Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, so I’ll give it a peek too.

    It’ll be nice to love someone/people in the language they understand.

    Thanks for the pingback 🙂


    1. I really loved the post but it just hit me that I didn’t leave a comment, will redress that.
      5 love languages is a beautiful book! If you’re in Lagos, I can loan you some other titles in the series too.


  4. I think my steps are closely following you in line with Sundays chilling and pretending to write. …or sleep!
    That line on imprint is deep and makes max sense. I should go read the post.
    Thanks for the ping back, mami.


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