Fear will ALWAYS fade.

Have you seen any of those rapture broadcast messages going round? The most popular one seems to be about a pastor and an old man who turns out to be an angel. I don’t believe that story, not because it cannot happen but because it seems too calculated to me.
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From Anger to Danger

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you definitely have heard about the New Year’s Day Headies drama between my boo Don Jazzy and Olamide- who’s my musical crush (I know the thing is confusing too). SKELEMBA SHOT.png Continue reading →

15-for-15 Challenge- Review


This is the review post of the 15-for-15 challenge where I get to review another bloggers entries for this challenge. This post should have been up last year but I couldn’t even do the necessary research (visit the blog and read the posts) before I travelled to my hometown and subsequently got cut off from the world. In defence of my hometown, network was terrible this year. None of the network providers (we have all four networks in my family) had internet service, my brothers and I didn’t quit get the relaxing holiday we were expecting.


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