Getting better

My dad and I were going to Lekki on the second Sunday of this year and we drove past the UBA branch at Iganmu nearly opposite Nigerian Breweries HQ.

“This is where I used to pay your school fees, it started from two hundred naira” he said

“Nursery school?” I wanted to be sure.

“Yes, Double ‘A’ had their account there”

“Wasn’t there any other UBA between Lawanson and this place?”

“See this girl, back then you must go to the branch of the account holder to pay in money” he laughed as my jaw fell open.
“Back then it was manual everything, they didn’t have computer networks so there was no easy way of checking and balancing inter-branch transfers”


“Things have gotten better and easier jare” he concluded.

It hit me like a sledgehammer just how much has changed since I was a child, in my life and in the world. Technology has been so fast that things that would have sounded like sorcery in those days are blase and common today. Let’s consider the smart phone of today, it combines wrist watch, alarm clock, camera, calculator, camcorder, organizer, dictionary, encyclopedia and so many other things in one slender device. Twenty years ago, it would have stretched the imagination to conceive such a thing.


It’s easy to think that we have been stagnant or have not moved quickly enough to match our projections and calculations, it is also very easy to think that we have failed. However if you stop to think of where you’re coming from, it might amaze you to realise just how far you have come.


I’m excited about the future, not just because I’m a technophile but because the things that we are capable of will burst forth and amaze us all. Our efforts and strides of today may not look like much but if we keep at it, we’ll have results that will make us smile.


Let me share a story with y’all. I wrote a piece for TNC and didn’t hear from them, I assumed that they didn’t like it and forgot about it. Imagine my shock at seeing my piece today when I was minding my business and reading fiction on the site. Check out Near Perfect and let me know what you think, it’s a lil x-rated though so my innocent readers like Duru can skip paragraph six I think.

Remember my HIV/AIDS series? it’s still alive and well thanks to a certain lady who kept commenting even when I’d forgotten about it, people like her have to make heaven whether the devil likes it or not. The series started Here and we’re currently on the sixth episode. I have to give maximum respect to writers like Adaeze who can write different series with each at least thirty episodes or more.

Ada has a hot new series titled Silence and it is very interesting, suspenseful and packed with lessons for everyone. Check it out yourself Here and don’t forget to thank me for showing you the series.









  1. Awww…dear, I can’t even remember how we paid school fees in my primary school, even though we had a teller attached to our report cards every term. I attended Handmaids Int’l Catholic school though and who knows? The reverend sisters might have had other ways of accepting school fees, but then, I might be wrong *lemme go and ask my parents*.Technology is amazing and so fast paced that I don’t even go to the bank to pay my bills, I do it from my phone.

    You see, I am so used to typing ‘CHY’ on my search engine everyday so in my head, I still feel that ‘’ is your only blog. My bad! I am so sorry for that, I’ll rush off now and continue from where I previously stopped.

    Yay! I see my name and the new series. Thank you so much for the free adverts dear, I see serious rankings everyday on my blog site and I am so grateful to you and Ugo who give me advert slots on your blogs. I feel so bad that I haven’t been reciprocating because I am always so busy writing stories that I forget to mention your names most times. God bless you for this! E-hugs!
    Thank you so much.


    1. Lol! I can’t remember the school fees payment method either, I just know that we went to school. Technology dikwa egwu, it amazes me often the things we can do from the comfort of our homes, even shopping does not require any stress anymore.


  2. Hi Adaeze,

    Lol… I remember the era of manual banking. I appreciate the ease of technology, because it adds convenience into our daily living. I can’t even imagine a life without Google and Wikipedia, Ah! who’d I even ask my many questions.

    I finally found Adaeze’s blog 2 weeks ago, I read all the episodes of Wife material season one and I was hooked, she knows how to weave words into an entertaining tale.

    Off to read your TNC piece. 🙂


    1. Thinking of life without Google and Wikipedia gives me panic attacks, how would I know anything?
      Adaeze’s blog is the truth! I’ve been following her for years, she knows how to keep you glued to her stories. What I like best about her writing is how clear and clean it is, there are no distracting flourishes, just powerful writing that seems so real.
      Thanks for all your support Nedu!


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