Still Here


Remember when I told you
How I’d be there until this world fades.
That hasn’t changed,
It will not change,
It cannot change.


I am still here,
Watching and loving.
I am still here,
Cheering and applauding.
I cannot leave.


There are journeys that I cannot walk you through,
Destiny’s bridge cannot support two
But darling, I am not far,
Look a little to the left, there I’ll be.


The din of battle swallows my voice,
Calling your name is futile,
But in the midst of swirling chaos,
Look a little to the right, there I am


Even when you do not hear the words,
Even when you doubt our fate because our paths diverge.
Remember my darling, what I said
I’ll be here,
Until the world fades away.


For Hero, best friend and beloved vampire.



    1. Do you know that your comment made me read it with new eyes? I was shocked at just how fitting it is as a reference to God’s love, it’s even a better fit!
      You’ve given me something to ponder about.


  1. I was already catching the love bug with eyes closed,😊 tingy reminiscences of emotions flowing my heart. 😅And I then I opened my eyes and saw vampires. Iro ooo!! 😁😁. Where is ma moonwalk shoe

    Lovely poem


  2. @ Adaeze. Awwwwwww! C’mon! Everyone knows that heros are overrated cos we villains are the ones that give those society’s sore thumbs and misfits a meaning to life and a chance to save the day. So I’ll be waiting for my celebratory villian poem…:-/

    @Nedoux: God kwa??? He won’t leave you alone on any journey even when you see only one set of footprints + your path and His, will never diverge. But I love your mind for seeing the covert. My creative people will be needing your help. We’ll def be in touch soon. 😉

    @D’Dream: loooool! But how come no one is seeing that d big head hero is a bestie??? Having sharp teeth shouldn’t mean loneliness… #amvoltron #twilightseries ##noteveryoneisgiftedtobestieedwardcullen 😀


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