From Anger to Danger

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you definitely have heard about the New Year’s Day Headies drama between my boo Don Jazzy and Olamide- who’s my musical crush (I know the thing is confusing too). SKELEMBA SHOT.png


The videos are available on YouTube and the twitter rant by Olamide have been recorded for posterity by ALL the Nigerian gossip bloggers- you can’t call yourself a gossip/entertainment blogger if you didn’t cover the biggest story in the Nigerian entertainment scene in at least two years.


The reactions were mixed and everyone seemed to have a strong and unshakable view point. We had two camps as expected, those who believe Olamide was justified in his actions but went a little too far and those who do not believe that Olamide had no reason to exhibit that kind of crassness on stage. Can you guess what camp I belong to?


Naija mum wrote a beautiful post on the brouhaha, she perfectly captured my feelings on Olamide’s show of shame whether justified or not. Unfortunately for the dude, his legion of loyal fans have refused to see his anger issues and the terrible way he reacts to things. Last year Linda Ikeji reported that his girlfriend had a baby and he responded with a series of insultive tweets. Okay, it’s Linda and I don’t exactly expect you to shed a tear for her but this is a troubling pattern for the promising young man.


I shudder to think of the fate of the woman who’d marry such a man and have to live with him, I don’t want to think about how he’d react when his children do things that disappoint him (most children will do that whether you like it or not, no matter how well trained they are). How will he react to the vagaries and storms of this life? If he cannot handle the minor irritations of the profession that he has found himself.


Anyone who likes the young man should tell him to get his house in order, attend anger management classes if he has to and focus on getting his game straight. Being bred on the ‘streetz’ does not justify that behaviour, I was born and bred in Lawanson (you don’t get more streetz than that) and I do know the mentality of the so called streetz that he’s championing. The funny thing is, it is Don Jazzy who actually showed the spirit of the streetz, the cunning and stealth it takes to survive and the knowledge that it is actions and not ranting that bring results. If you had wanted your boy to win, you would have campaigned for him on social media and even bought TV advert space too. You would have lobbied the head honchos of the awards without resorting to bribery and had your friends like Phyno, Reminisce etc campaign for Lil Kesh.


Now the Next rated awards of the Headies, heck even the Headies itself cannot claim to be the best arbiter of musical excellence in Nigeria. Phyno and Falz the bahd guy were not even nominated for anything this year, how could that happen? And Skuki won the next rated award ahead of General Pype, Mo’Cheddar, D’Prince and Jesse Jagz at the height of their careers. Skuki winning ANY award where Jesse was nominated too can only make sense on Mars but that’s the Headies for you.


Today I was on SDK’s Blog and read the story of the former Eastenders actress who was allegedly killed by her partner, he allegedly killed her and the two sons they had together aged 8 and 4. His ex-wife says he was violent and possessive as well as irresponsible and the late actress was about to leave him before he butchered them and is presently on the run. The sad thing is that cases like this are becoming the norm rather than a terrifying exception, more and more gruesome murders are being committed by romantic/domestic partners and the root of it all is anger.


There’s a children saying that goes like this “Anger is a letter short of danger”, this is very apt. I know how intoxicating anger can be, how it will fill you and overwhelm you. It gives you wings and armour, you are indestructible and can cause maximum damage… You feel omnipotent. In times of provocation, it’s wise to take a step back and take control of yourself and emotions. Leave the scene if you have to and if a relationship is so toxic to you that you find yourself in a constant state of rage, it is best to walk away. Better a broken relationship than having one partner dead and the other in prison. Let’s avoid danger in this beautiful 2016.



  1. Wow! Well said, namsie! I heard news in the villa but I really didn’t read any meaning to it, perhaps because I couldn’t get my data to work. Then, yesterday, my kid cousin came to spend the night and she gave me the full details.

    I’m not a big fan of the two guys but I respect their talents alot, I’m not really a big fan of music but I try to listen and dance. Anger is a vice that pushes you till you fall off the cliff, I mean literally. Olamide shouldn’t have done whatever it is that he did and I am glad that Don Jazzy was mature about it. You know, a lot of people have anger issues and many are a work in progress but you never know because of the way they handle their anger.

    I used to get angry back then, and I didn’t know how to manage it, even though I never made a fool of myself in public but now, I’ve learnt to walk away from situations that trigger….you know…and I never react…never!

    2016 is definitely not a year of anger, it’s a year of peace and love, I think that Olamide needs some sort of counselling though!


  2. Yea I followed up the gist from the start to the almost end. Waste of 5/6hrs if you ask me. Would have loved for Adaeze’s kid cousin to have given me a run down instead. Uggh

    Olamide was just being a Kanye and a Kanye is an aggressive, provocative and disrespectful person. Im more an Olamide fan than Don J but I know when truth is truth.

    I’m pretty sure every artist present for the headies, nominated or not, knew exactly how the winning process was. You buy it. Buy affection or votes or whatever. Uncle Sneh flaring up was just an unnecessary show. Like somebody stole his bread or something. Abeg

    Unless.. hmmm.. unless he’s just been harbouring grudges for a long time and he just couldnt take it again. Now both are prancing up and down fake peace-ing all over the place.


  3. …Skibo robo Skibo… Skibor Robor Skibor Osheey BaDDest! You go fear na!! my Otunne of laife has officially delved into Legal Arbitration **Scratche Head.. aswear down ehh!!! I have no ghen ghen idIeeIa what the later word means, eh! but the combo sha made sense in my head hence its usage :)).., heheh No Jokes oh! this Year began with a Bang.. With the Diss i mean.. but regardless how i feel that Olamide was Justified yeah (As Headies na MTN and nothing more).. i cannot but to accept that you have a very Valid point… Anger is a serious issue.. and Lack of Control is like a Ticking Time Bomb.

    Sadly.. aYam some what like Olamide.. **covers face… as when Angry yeah.. it seems like my reasoning (just like his) becomes totally non existent O**clears Throat.. Oya Lemme famzz Olamide on top Anger… 🙂 Sincerely yeah.. The Likes of Olamide and I 🙂 need help.. and i gues it will only come from OUR willingness to change and nothing more..

    Thanks for sharing Ada! So you too dey claim Streetzz.. **Clears Throat and **Wears Cheeky smile.. Issorait! Plus You this Child ehhnn.. Choi! you can make wisdom outta anything faaa.. Ada for Nigerian Blog Awards 2015 Winner Biko… heheheh xx BLESSINGS!


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