15 for 15 challenge- Wrap Up

“Good night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.”- Romeo and Juliet Act 2, Scene 2.

Finally, the 15 for 15 challenge draws to a close for me, this is my last post.



Joining this challenge was one of the most draining things that happened in my 2015, it was tough! You’d think that keeping to this would be easy but it wasn’t, Janyl wrote in her post that it had to be tough- that’s why it’s a challenge. I totally agree with her, I was almost always uploading my posts on the last day of the month unlike Duru who churned out excellent posts early in the month. There were many times I gave up only for Duru to call me and give me ginger- I couldn’t have done it without you Nonso.


I enjoyed the series too, surprised? Don’t be. Nothing in life is absolutely anything, there are shades of everything. I chose the theme random inspiration *that’s the closest I’ve ever come to limiting myself to a theme in my writing*. I enjoyed the process of finding inspiration in the strangest things, the sweet feeling of accomplishment when I uploaded the posts and the feedback I got on the posts.


During my roughest months, reading my posts for this challenge helped me hold. Isn’t it amazing that the person who’d need my posts most would be me? For that I’m very grateful to Janyl for initiating this challenge and to Duru for the ginger and swagger- he definitely has my vote to win this challenge. He won it last year too, he’d make a super defending champion. Reading other bloggers on this challenge was fun too, Oyinlola stopped early but Janyl and Phoenix- who I reviewed here kept the fire burning.


Participating in this challenge has been interesting, frustrating and rewarding, I’m glad I took this journey.

PS: You can view my entries for this challenge in the 15 for 15 button on my categories bar.



  1. Yyyyyyyyyyyaaaayayyyyy!!! Yess Boss! She made it! She FriGGing finished the challenge of Aye! hehehe **Dancing Skelewu! hehehhehe Eezz not a Joking things oh! You Done Did it Bubba.. Congratulations Otunne.. Weldone Ada..

    P.S: Janyl should throw a 15 for 15 paRRy Biko! Because the thing was not beans sam sam.. hehehe Weldone Bubba… Thank you for bursting my head oh! i had to use Rubber band to tie eet at one time so it wihh not come and goan Burst completely.. Biko #ItcanonlybeGOD


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