Happy New Year People!


Ain’t 2016 grand already?!

I don’t make New Year resolutions, I don’t like them for several reasons but I won’t rain on your parade. Have you made any? gimme gist. I really hope you stick to it.

I don’t have grand plans for 2016 but I’ve resolved to take steady steps to achieving my dreams and goals. The most important thing for this year, my buzzword or mantra has got to be steadfast. I’ll keep keeping on no matter how much it hurts or how boring it gets.

Let’s remember to pray for Nigeria a lot more this year. Some days ago Ugo and I were having a conversation about Nigeria and I was really steamed about everything. Ugo let me rant until I ran out of steam, then he simply said “that’s why we need to pray for Nigeria”.

I’ll confess that I didn’t have an aha moment then but his words have finally found fertile ground. So let’s pray for this country, whether you’re Nigerian or not, whether or not you believe in prayer either. Just pray.

Have a fabulous 2016! (It’s not like you have a choice in the matter). Love and light from me to you.




  1. Happy new year!

    A new year usually feels like a new opportunity to start all over. I like to put in goals (short term and long goals) And if I have anything that needs fixing, I will just file in some new year resolutions to make the change more effective. Kinda works for me a lot 🙂


    1. A new year really is a new opportunity to start over on a clean slate.
      Goals are important, I like the idea of the arrangement of goals in terms of time span.


  2. Really, we should pray for our country. I haven’t done too much of that in recent weeks. I will work on that.

    I don’t have set resolutions as such, but there are a few things I want to do/work on. For one, I want to take myself on more dates and explore the Virgin Islands some more too.


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