Mbaise bants, Pre-birthday bants.

I’m blogging from church, it’s the only place I’ve been able to get airtel network since Christmas day.

    Let me tell you a little about this church. It’s the St Michael’s and all angels Cathedral of the Diocese of Mbaise, Church of Nigeria Anglican communion. It’s located in Umunanwiri, Ife and incidentally I’m from Umunanwiri too.

We traveled to Mbaise to spend Christmas and New Year here with our nearest and dearest. It’s our first Christmas without my paternal grandmother and it hasn’t been easy for us but God has comforted us so far.

The harmattan is on fleek and even with hot water, having a bath requires courage and fortitude. I’ve been writing a bit, I’d be sharing some stuff here though… Brace yourselves!

Finally and most importantly, my birthday is on Thursday 31st. The gift window has been officially declared open. I’m accepting cash, cars, iPhone 6s, Samsung galaxy note 5s amongst other high profile gifts. Don’t let your imagination and willing heart be limited by economic realities, you’ll see how it will come together once you make the first move. Remember it’s just four days to the mega event- my birthday.

Love and light to you and yours, have a spectacular week because it’s my birthday week :-p


  1. Happy birthday! in case I forget your bday being so close to the big day. New Year I mean.
    PS: Nice bio. I see you took that drunken advice.


  2. Hope you are having a great fun, I trust that. Happy Birthday in advance! May the scent bouquet of this time and season filled every fibre of your being and may all your dreams come through.

    Happy New Year in Advance


  3. Maamim si Mbaise, hope a jar of freshly tapped palm wine will not be out of place as a high profiled gift since you decided to spend the big day in your village. I hear palm wine is so cherished over there especially around this time of the year…lol.

    Happy birthday in advance!


  4. @ “You’ll see how it will come together once you make the first move.” XD

    Nne, I hope you had a good Christmas? I wish you happiness both on your birthday and in the New Year.


  5. Happy Birthday to you and your daddy.
    I pray God blesses you and yours so much you forget the years you felt bad. Hugs and kisses!


  6. I can imagine how frustrating the internet situation can be.
    Still put up the conclusive and review posts. We’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt because you have been quite consistent with the challenge so far.
    But it would have been easier if you did send a message about the internet situation.

    Hope you still had a good time at home regardless?


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