51 things I’ll tell my 16-year-old sister

Loved this post, I’m definitely keeping this for my daughter.


These are things I’ll tell my sister when she turns sixteen, there might be some changes tho, I don’t know. I just feel like young girls make a lot of decisions during that age based on all the wrong information. These are things I’ll probably tell any sixteen-year-old I care about.


1. No, things are not messed. Your head’s just in the wrong places.

2. You are not weird. Everybody is. You’re normal. But by now you know, Normal is overrated.

3. The world is larger than boys

4. You have only just began, slow down, gather strength.

5. Ask mom about stuff, not your bestie.

6. If you find your bible boring, get a new translation, or a pink one (if you are a girly girl) and a study guide.

7. People are like you. They make mistakes, they disappoint. Get over it, fast.

8. Don’t look for unearthly…

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