I want to marry Don Jazzy

Stop laughing! I’m serious!

Don Jazzy’s birthday was only a few days ago, he turned thirty-three and I’m pretty sure he’s thinking about marriage. I already know I’d make the perfect wife for the Mega Superstar producer.

You see, my love (true love for that matter) for the dude did not start today. I remember the first time I watched the Tongolo video, I was entranced by the quiet looking hottie who carried a walking stick and sang “if I yan them the koko” with a voice that wasn’t melodious but was oddly interesting.

They said his name was Don Jazzy and he was D’Banj’s producer and musical partner and what a fabulous partnership they had. I’m not giving a history lesson here, just providing a little background on the man I want to marry.

We all saw how he became the producer to beat and when D’banj decided to fly the coop, he showed us that he was the power behind the Mo’hits Empire. Did you see how he reinvented himself? From the taciturn, mysterious Mo’hits godfather, he became the benevolent dispenser of goodwill and recharge cards on social media. There’s no Nigerian celeb who has quite mastered social media as well as Don Baba J, from twitter to instagram, Facebook and periscope, he keeps winning.

And the music? You can’t mention the top ten hits of any year since 2005 without mentioning at least three songs produced by and featuring Don Jazzy, he’s our version of King Midas as every song he produces becomes a hit. Even the most ridiculous songs get a tremendous boost if we hear the familiar refrains “it’s Don Jazzy again” or “Don Baba J”.

I think we’d make an excellent couple because we both have gapped dentition, yes ke. People have married for flimsier reasons than that, like marrying for love or beauty or compatibility. You can’t stay angry with a person with that dentition because we have this heart melting smile. If you marry someone that you can’t stay angry at, that marriage is on solid ground already.

Don Jazzy has said that he likes lepa babes but I know that he doesn’t know what he wants yet, I’m who he’s been searching for. He just hasn’t met me yet, he’ll definitely sing a different tune when he does.

Don’t think I’m fickle because I’m ditching Flavour after announcing my love for and desire to marry the guy HERE. Unlike Flavour nwa mama, Don Jazzy has no baby mama (at least none that we know yet) and I really don’t think I can be Annie Idibia Jnr. Besides Flavour has too many muscles upandan and won’t be as comfy and cuddly as Don Jazzy who reminds me of a giant teddy bear.

There are many other reasons why I want to marry Don Jazzy- he’s rich  seems to have a loving family, seems to be humorous and fun loving and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He seems to be friendly too and yes, I know i’ve been dropping too many “seems”. Anyway if you see him, tell him Adaeze is waiting for him to come and see her parents before her birthday- my birthday is next month so he has to hurry

So today’s the last day of November- the month was pretty quick in my estimation. I’m pretty excited about the coming month because it’s the month that has Christmas and my birthday as well as my father’s. What could be better?

Will be waiting for y’all at the other side of December.

Hasta la vista


  1. Hahahahahaha Ada you will not kill somebori! . . . Annie Idibia is just graced jare. . . that’s the line n trick some guys r using for ladies these days; they’d be like look at Annie and Tuface. . . hmmmm I no dey o! But your feelings fickle tru tru o but I understand your flavour stand sha. . . nice one babe!


    1. That line can’t work near me jare, that thing can kill. There are some situations that I can manage a baby mama somewhere but not 2face or Flavour type, God forbid bad thing.
      I’m glad you found it funny but that wasn’t my intention, I’m serious about loving him…. at least until the next fine boy enters my eyes.
      What happened to our series ooooooooo?! I’d have to get officers to arrest you.


  2. Lol, that’s how she killed me o. Lol. Don Jazzy don’t know what’s coming his way, at all. And please tell us your birthdate so we can throw you a cyber party 😘


    1. He doesn’t know yet, but he will soon.
      Saw your beautiful post for your sister, wanted to reblog but couldn’t. I love, love, love that post.
      My birthday is on the 31st.


      1. Lol. Birthday Noted.

        Thank you so so much. The post was quite spontaneous. If you still want to reblog it, you can. You just have to go to the site-proper on your browser, not the reader blog feature on the app.
        Thank you. Have an amazing month ahead!

    1. Loooooooooool!
      Uju please o, those his twitter wives are fierce! Just whisper this to his ears alone, don’t let those babes know.
      But bia kwa, update your blog or else!


      1. no need to threaten me nne lol. I’ll have something up in a few minutes. Christmas blues lol.

        As for Don J… just chere m there.

  3. Hahahahahahaha….you’re funny but yes, dreams do come true.
    I’ve heard so much about Don Jazzy…’can’t say if it’s good or bad’ and I’ve had an experience with him even though I’ve never met him face to face (the story is long). However, I’ve seen him in passing and he was driving his car with his windows wound down and laughing very loud, (are you really sure you like him? ‘jus kidding’)
    I also know that he is very very very shy and quiet and doesn’t like to let out on his private life. ‘Dat guy can dodge interviews for Africa’ if you doubt me, try checking to see if you’ve ever seen Don jazzy on the cover of any magazine or lifestyle publication. No, right?
    I’m sure he’s like a cuddly teddy bear just like you stated above and yes, may you marry Don Jazzy so that we attend wedding and take selfies with his beautiful bride.


  4. Hahahahahaha, funny you as usual.

    I need to send this link to the private email of Don Baba J . Nope He has too many fierce mails to read.

    They say dreams come through. Just keep dreaming. You might have the consolation of having the wedding in your dreams sha where there won’t be competitors!.

    Nice one


    1. This was written solemnly, yet you’re all laughing at my dream.
      Diaris God o!
      The wedding in my dreams would make a lot of sense!


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