Omooba Vs Duru

Whenever I write a post on this blog, I usually start with good dose of indecision. It is centred on my opening sentence.

Do I start with Hello, Hallo, or Sup? Do I jump right into the topic? I’m not adept at small talk, I’d rather punch you on the arm and say sorry than have to start with the normal social pleasantries like “how are you?”, “you look good!” etc. On my other blog, I don’t have that problem. I just jump into the story and flow from there. Why am I telling you this? I don’t even know.

There’s a blogger I follow, she has one of the most beautiful names in the world Omoobajesu. I can’t tell you how much I love that name, I’m already stealing it for one of my children. It means the child of King Jesus and It is definitely not a name you hear every day. I’m even thinking of extending my name to AdaezeJesu too, Omooba is actually a Yoruba synonym to Adaeze, it’s the unisex version of the name while Adaeze can only be borne by a girl. Omooba can write! But seriously though, there are so many Nigerian female bloggers who will awe you with their writing. I’m not saying that male writers are not trying, they are but it is the women who are winning at this blogging thing, even the big name gossip bloggers in Nigeria are women.

Omooba tagged me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award not long after I’d done Uju’s tag and today I’m going to do my part by answering her questions. Duru– who honestly needs no introduction on this blog also tagged me for the Versatile Blogger Award after I had been tagged by Tessa. Being the sweetheart that he is, he only asked us to write seven things about ourselves. I’m going to use one bird to kill two stones- I know it’s the other way round. In answering Omooba’s questions, I’d be telling y’all at least seven things about myself. Although I don’t think there’s anything about me that I haven’t shared here yet.

1. What are the top five songs on your playlist? Everything by Michael Buble, The days by Avicii, Eze El’igwe by Frank Edwards, Easy by Lionel Richie, Reggae Blues by Harrysong

2. What are your top five reads? The Holy Bible- that book is awesome, any book by David Baldacci, Any book by Cyprian Ekwensi, this top five thing is hard, really hard to narrow it down to just five.

3. What would you say is the best quality in a person?- Empathy.

4. What unnerves you? -Animals, dead ones especially.

5. What keeps you motivated?- Many things

6. Why do you blog?- A means of self-expression, I guess.

7. What’s the best thing anyone has ever said to you?- I’d have to think about it.

8. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?- Go back to bed.

9. Do you like being female? Why?- Sometimes. Because a lot of foolishness is ascribed to women, when a woman is being foolish, they’ll say “leave her, she’s a woman”. But a man is judged for his foolishness on his own account, why can’t we do the same to a woman.

10. Is happiness the ultimate point of living? Why if you agree, and if not what is?- Happiness is not the ultimate point of living because happiness is transient. What is the ultimate point of living? Money… Ok maybe not.


So Adaezewrites left a comment on my last post about daddies and inter-tribal marriages.

“As for the part when daddies frown at their daughters desire to marry from other tribes or states, I understand this so well, my dad does that too. In fact, he wants me to marry from my family compound if possible but ‘who sigh?’ (I just borrowed a slang from Senorita!)”

I read it to my dad this morning and he laughed and laughed and said Adaeze is a correct girl.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting Ibukun’s 100 questions tag and with that I’d be done with all my outstanding tags.

PS: I got featured on a travel blog Biko help my ministry by reading the piece and leaving a comment. You can say I’m the best writer in the world sef… I’m joking! But please read and comment.
Here’s the link My clicker

PPS: I also wrote something that got featured on brittle paper. Again, my ministry needs boosting 😉
Here’s the link Yellow fever



  1. Yay! You post today. I find myself refreshing your blog always.
    I like the name Omooba Jesu, very nice and yes, you can add Jesus to your name. My BBM name is AdaJesus and soon, I’m getting a car plate to that effect.

    On your answers, I liked the what unnerves you question…very different and your answers were very straight-forward and nice too.

    Then I saw my comment and laughed at the fact that you showed your dad…awwww….yelz I’m a correct girl oooo…’lemme blow my trumpet’.

    Will definitely read the travel blog and leave a comment.

    Keep writing dear!


  2. Lol, na wa for you. I’ve already said I’m going to put a copyright on my name. Too many people want too steal it. Thank you for the kind words though, my grin is wide and off white. Thank you.
    You did nor answers some o. I will nor talk. you af already used sweet talk to bribe me.


  3. Lol!
    Some of the questions made me realise that I didn’t even know certain things about myself. The “what motivates you” question made me think for a long while and I couldn’t get a clear answer. I guess I’d have to think about that some more


  4. Oshey! My OtuNne e haf Blow like banger eh! Ghen Ghen! eez no longer a joking Sturvvz oh! As she nah be writing every WIA! (hehehe i said that in my deepest Igbo Accent :)) Up next she gonna be putting pen on paper for Huffington post i see 🙂 **Adjust Jangolova chair.. So the first thing you do in the morning eez to go back to bed okwa ya?! hehehe Mmeehhn you this child… you need flogging of cane fffaa 🙂

    You know yeah Ada! there is something oh! so! ghen ghen about ya Blog of life.. and I think its the unpredictability that comes with reading you! I mean today ya Mushy Mushy nation! Tomorrow ya a feminist someboRRy (and in my head me and you are seriously boxing in a ring as me i no dey gree that one).. and other days ya this free black bird flying through the clouds.. You Rock mega! And its such a delight coming here.. and i mean so.. keep dancing like no one is watching shall we.

    P.S While ya writing everywIA eh! Please eh! i beg you in the name of Chioma my future geh friend… Dont come and goan forget to write for the Young and Confused gang eH! **Clears throat.. Inshort dont worry Nne.. Next YiiiAA ehhhnnn.. eez ggonna be our year of making love with words together on Dia 🙂 Cheers and Whoop! Whhhoop!! the harmaTTan ice fridge season eez upon us nne.. ilikey… Thanks for the mention.. I dedicate it to

    P.P.S: Please whats your stand on this Biafra madness?! Sane or Delusional?! Ehhheeennn So i dont forget my self again oh! Janyl Benyl put up a post of life about the 15-For-15 Challenge.. Think you should check it out.. 🙂 Ccccaauuuseee ***Adjust left arm of Agbada… Insha Allah yah.. amma do a review of your Blog of life as my 14th entry.. And the crowd goes… Mmmmmwwaaaahhh! the Yyyyyyyaaayy aYam hexScited. Cheers.


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