Spiritual Something

I was born in Lagos to parents who were both born here, in a lot of ways Lagos is my hometown. It is the city that has my life source, the place that most appears in my dreams and thoughts, it is simply home to me. However I cannot speak Yoruba, strange innit? I’m kinda language challenged, even speaking English is a challenge for me… Are you surprised? I’m more fluent when I write, can express myself with my keyboard/pen better than with my tongue and lips.


If you visit my blog often, you’d know I really love music. Music for me isn’t just relaxation and fun, it is life and my sanity. It has been there for me through good times and bad, especially bad times. From depression to near poverty to heart cracks and heart breaks, music has been my companion, inspiration and salvation.


I’m not restricted to any genre, my musical tastes are varied and eclectic. I’m a fan of Naija pop and hip-hop, Phyno and Olamide are my current loves especially that Olamide. I usually don’t understand what he’s singing but I just love the guy, from Durosoke to Young Erikina to Eleda mi to Shakitibobo. He makes me try to dance and I know that if I ever meet him, I’d lose my composure and blubber like a little girl, I might even cry. I can be emotional like that…


There’s another artiste that I will definitely blubber over- his name is Beautiful Nubia, his songs are so beautiful. I might not understand what he’s singing but I can feel the poetry that transcends words and their mundane meanings. Owuro l’ojo was the song that brought him into national consciousness and it is one of my favourite songs. I like how it talks about dignity in labour and living within the law and plenty other Yoruba blessings that for the life of me, I can’t figure out.


Another reason I like Beautiful Nubia is how his songs sound like they have been around since the 1950’s yet they are still modern, I really can’t understand how listening to him reminds me of Joe Nez- I really need to write about fat as a cow, Rex Lawson, Orlando Owoh and even pre-Christian Ebenezer Obey.


Maybe I will get a Yoruba boyfriend who’s caring and kind and extremely handsome, he’ll sing “What a feeling” by Beautiful Nubia to me every day. My dad won’t be pleased though he doesn’t like intertribal marriages for reasons that are valid for him and seem to make a lot of sense too. My dad can give you valid reasons why green should be black, he should have been a lawyer. I’m sure he’d soften when we give him beautiful Yoruba grandbabies with Igbo first names, you can stop rolling your eyes.
I like to think that music is spiritual, I’m listening to Seven lives by Beautiful Nubia as I write this and feel a peace that has eluded me in a while. It’s funny how a ‘secular’ song can be a place of refuge for me, maybe a time will come when only gospel music would fill the void for me. A time when I’d only listen to gospel music, it’s kind of hard to imagine that right now but I guess I’d have to wait and see. Right now I’m basking in the peace that attends me now

Perhaps that’s why I’m writing this because peace has visited me. I’ve had a rough month, October wasn’t funny neither was November but it is better now. Like we like to say in Nigeria, “it is well”.


In the spirit of sharing, gist me about a time that a song seemed to have been written for you and the situation you found yourself (good or bad or in-between). Don’t be stingy with your stories, I like gist.



  1. That your last statement, ‘don’t be stingy with your stories, I like gist’ got me laughing!

    I never used to be into songs, funny enough, I used to hate it when my sister changed the channel to Trace urban, MTV base, Soundcity and the rest, but now, I have changed. I somehow found myself in the entertainment industry and soon started listening to songs because it doesn’t make sense to interview an artiste and have no clue of what song he or she is known for.

    However, of all the songs, I guess ‘Ada Ada’ by Flavour, got me! I mean, that man ‘Chinedu Okoli’ captured my essence and packaged it in a beautiful bottle with that song, when I listen to the Ada Ada, I almost cry as I anticipate my traditional wedding and soon after, the eventual delivery of my boy and girl ‘ejima’. I also love his Golibe…such beautiful rendition. How I wish songs could come to life…you know…

    Right now, I’m hooked on Timi Dakolo’s ‘Iyawo Mi’ and I love it…with my whole heart. This song…must make my wedding playlist…even though everybody is tired of me ‘changing my wedding songs’.

    Adele’s Hello got me at the time of its release because I was at that point when I just realized that I had been really bad to someone who has been so good to me. I had somewhat made a mockery of his love and after listening to that song over and over again, I sent him the song (Omawunmi’s cover), I don’t know if he still forgives me though but….it is well.

    As for the part when daddies frown at their daughters desire to marry from other tribes or states, I understand this so well, my dad does that too. Infact, he wants me to marry from my family compound if possible but ‘who sigh?’ (I just borrowed a slang from Senorita!)

    Last but not least, I know that music is spiritual, in my dance class in Uni, there was this dance we had to do that the lecturer warned us to cover the mirrors on the class walls with some kind of cloth. According to stories, when practicing some songs in dance class, you didn’t need to throw yourself into it as some of the songs were traditional and most times fetish.
    Yes, music is spiritual, even in praise and worship, he who sings praises God twice!
    You write so well namsie, please post everyday or twice a day…*big grin*


  2. These Ada’s eeeh? The gist is epic and the 1st comment is wow… I can go on and keep reading you two.

    Me I like music…. I can love it too sometimes. Reggae, Classic, Blues, Rock etc. I particularly hear more of Rock lately. I love our African sounds too. I admire the creativity of my African people… You know we can mix genres to form our own, anyways we dey try.

    You know why I love reggae? Because after the reggae we then play the blues…lol.

    Cheers Mami.
    Write more.


  3. I love music in most of its forms. I especially love music from Bryan Adams. Its almost like he knows the words my heart longs to hear and he croons it to me so beautifully. Sigh.


  4. Ah music! I may not be so crazy about music but I love music. There are just some songs which I came across at some point in my life and it felt like the artists had me in mind when writing them.

    Back in sch I had my first resit exams in year 5. When I realized I had a resit tho it was very unexpected I didn’t feel bad and part of that was a song Imela by Ejiro (it was a first single by my friends brother). That was so spiritual and healing to me at that moment.

    Adele’s someone like you had its moment for me too. And India Arie’s Long good bye.


  5. My colleague likes to say “Even if you fall inside a well, it is well” Lol

    I agree with you, music is spiritual. Everything seems better when I’m listening to a “correct” song. I like Beautiful Nubia too.

    A song that comes to mind is “Each Tear” by Mary J Blige (No gist for you 🙂 )


    1. Lol @ dum dum ke, you will not kill me with laughter.
      Will look for the India Arie song, I have a friend who’s in love with her and has been talking about her all the time


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