Gratitude Challenge

I was nominated by Obianuju of insearchofperfecthair blog and Immanuel for the gratitude challenge, double nomination things!
The interesting thing about this challenge is that the period I got nominated, I wasn’t in the mood to be grateful about anything. That feeling has passed now, thank God.


The rules are as lifted from Uju’s blog who also lifted from Immanuel are as follows.


“I’m to write five things I’m grateful for, display a picture of gratitude – a picture of something simple that makes me smile and then nominate 5 other people for the challenge. I’m really fascinated by the idea of a picture of gratitude. In her words “It is not an opportunity to show off how rich you are. Let it be something that is simple (and inexpensive) yet a blessing.”


The first thing I’m grateful for is Life, it’s such a precious gift even though it can be challenging and annoying. I’m glad that I still have this gift and that there’s hope for better things in this life.
Secondly I’m grateful for my family, as I grow older I realise that God who is the master architect knew ahead of time that I need the four loving, crazy, kind and beautiful people who make up my family. Sometimes it seems like I’m from Jupiter and they’re from Mercury, Uranus and Saturn, yet it all works out well in the end.


Thirdly I’m grateful for the internet and the masses of information and entertainment that is available there, I remember that the bulk of my undergraduate project was sourced from online sources and it was so easy to access them. I’m also grateful for the many books and articles that I’ve read online that has made me a better person.


I’m grateful for my country that despite the huge forces of darkness, we’re still standing strong. I’m grateful for the can-do spirit of the average Nigerian, for the friendliness that we still have despite all the adversities that have befallen us.


Finally I’m grateful for my blog and all the wonderful people I’ve met in this blogging journey. I’m grateful for the inspiration to be better that I get from other bloggers and the bonds of friendship that have grown from the interactions. I’m super-grateful.


This picture was taken at the Farafina Creative Writers Workshop, it changed my life. I’m grateful to and for my friend Olu who pushed me so hard that I sent in my entry just to get him to leave me alone, he also selected the story from my blog that I sent in. He’s worth way more than his weight in diamonds to me.

My nominees for this challenge are….

Anyone who sees this and wants to jump in!




  1. Oh I’m so jumping in. Seems like a good “coming back” topic 🙂

    “I’m grateful for my country that despite the huge forces of darkness, we’re still standing strong”—- This made me laugh 😀


    1. Uju!
      We really have to start fining you around here for your frequent abandonment of your blog and blog readers. I miss you so very much.
      Please jump in nwannem, odikwa necessary.
      Nne, this Nigeria has annoyed and frustrated me, I’m trying to see the good in the country these days and claiming small victories where I can.
      How have you been Nne?


  2. Awwwwww….I got nominated too but I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t post on it! I’ll get to it soon though. I love your answers…very nice. Btw, I can’t see you in the picture!


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