Modern hymns- Ebezina.

My heart is too punctured for me to write anything about this song right now, I just lost a part of me.
Here’s Ebezina by Preye

It’s the same God, who was there for you in the midnight hour
It’s the same God Who is able to wipe your tears away
It’s the same God Who was there in times of lack and want
It’s the same God Is Jehovah My great provider

Tell me why you’re giving up on God
Tell me why you’re giving up on Him
Tell me why you’re giving up on God
Hold on, change is on the way

Ebezina, Chukwu no nso (Don’t cry, God is close)
Ogini bu nsobu gi (What is your problem?)
Ima-na odi adigideh (He does not take long)
Nwa nnen mo, Jide sie Ike (Beloved, hold on to Him)
Hi si anya gi eh (Wipe your tears)
Chukwu di gi atu asi (God never lies)
Oge a diri gi nma (It’s going to be alright)

Don’t you cry, change is here
Weeping may endure for a night
Joy is gonna come in the morning
You don’t have to cry no more
Hold God by His word, he’s gonna do what his says
Lift your hands and give him praise
Uh ooooooooooo


I know you’ve been crying – I understand
I know you’ve been wounded – But it’s OK
I know you’ve been broken but I’m here,
To mend your broken heart
Believe in me, you will overcome
Yesterday will be a story
I’m the God of all flesh
Nothing is too hard for me to do
Don’t you forget (I calmed the sea)
Don’t you forget (I raised the dead)
Don’t you forget (I came to die that you might live forever)
Don’t you cry is gonna be over, You will overcome today
Wipe your eyes and give him all the praise




  1. For some reason, this song has stirred a sadness buried deep within me, it’s reminded me of all the reasons that I want to cry, suddenly I am tired of holding back my tears.

    Adaeze, I hope you are alright? Whatever it is will get easier.

    Warm regards and hugs.


  2. Oh Otunne. This song is somewhat very close to my heart. Been going through something really tough for a bit now Ada.. Something that many thought would have buried “DURU” but I am here Nne.. Is it not me who is stronger than I was?! Well thats proof that GOD gats us all even through and during the darkest of times.. Chin uP soldier.. You will be fine.. Whatever it is that you lost Baby mi (If material wise, or Worldly related).. Trust me.. you were meant to Lose it (I know that sounds harsh.. but quote me in 2 years).. If it is a human life involved.. then that is not the case (You were not meant to lose him or her).. But my prayer for you regardless what it is.. is that GOD will grant you the strength to be strong… ..

    Was on 1 of my many sojourns of recent, and this song was played where we stopped to eat.. and the heavens told me something about it… The miracle still seems not forth coming though.. But the heavens NEVER lie..

    Please lemme just share with you what i shared on instagram last night.. It goes thus “Often times yeah.. the best times of our life happens just after the seemingly WORST times.. So don’t let go no matter how tough the times seem to become..” (paraphrased) Trust GOD Ada.. Thank you for this post.. This is one of the posts that has meant the most to me on your Blog.. Thank you Otunne.. Chin up Soldier..


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