This inspiration thing.

Welcome to November!
The penultimate month of the year and the month two of my favourite bloggers were born- Duru and Erniesha- her birthday is tomorrow

For me, November is awesome because it’s just before my favourite month- December! It isn’t just because my dad and I were born in December that makes it my favourite month, its Christmas and harmattan that wins it for me.

I love the dryness that comes with harmattan and the intensely cold weather with the dusty winds that make you sneeze. When I was ten and in my first term in secondary school, our English teacher- Mrs Zaccheus read a poem in class that literally changed my life. The title was dry season by the late Great Kwesi Brew of Ghana.

The year is withering: the wind
Blows down the leaves;
Men stand under eaves
And overhead the secrets
Of the cold dry wind,
Of the half-bare trees

The grasses are tall and tinted,
Straw gold hues of dryness,
And the contradicting awryness
Of the dusty roads a-scatter
With the peals of colourful leaves,
With ghosts of the dreaming year.

And soon, soon the fires,
The fires will begin to burn,
The hawk will flutter and turn
On its wings and swoop for the mouse,
The dogs will run for the hare,
The hare for its little life.

That afternoon during prep class, I wrote my first poem. It was about being alive- I think… my memory of my FGGC BIda days isn’t what it used to be. I do remember that Mrs Zaccheus and Mrs Ginn made me love poetry, the reading and the writing of it and even just thinking of it and letting the words soak through my mind. I’m super grateful to those women who sparked my love for words.
I was talking to someone recently about writing being something I do to relax and how it’s a huge passion for me. It was a semi-formal setting and they wanted to know my hobbies and the like. He painted a scenario for me that made me laugh for thirty seconds straight. He asked if I was about to have a meeting with a client and inspiration hit me, would I forgo the meeting and get my laptop and start writing. I’m still laughing even now, the thought of me going all inspired writer and shirking my responsibilities is indeed laughable.

However it made me wonder how other writers deal with inspiration, how do they get inspired to write? How does the inspiration come? In floods or trickles? Is it an urgent something? Do you have to write immediately the inspiration comes or can it wait until its convenient? Yes, my fellow bloggers I’m talking to y’all! So let’s continue this in the comment section 😉

As I write, I’m watching the under-17 quarter finals- normally I don’t watch live matches, because I’m not friends with suspense but my laptop’s in the parlour and I frankly don’t have the strength to carry it to my room. If you watched the match… Did you see that third goal?!

Just after the second goal, my brother said “I’d like Anumudu to score now, he’ll soon score” and I replied “na jazz?” Only to see the ball hit the back of the net. Now let me wear my pastoral robes and prophesy into your lives…. “May this month bring blessings that will make people say “na Jazz?” when they see the manifestations in your life”. I try small abi?

I want to thank everyone who reached out to me after my last post, it’s so uplifting to have so many people rooting for you. To Nedu, Adaeze and Duru I say ndewo umunnem, your comments I treasure and will always remember. I want to also say a special thank you to Biodun who shared the post on her Facebook wall and to the awesome people who read and commented there. It’s good to know that you’re not alone in your struggles, and that they are people who would give a “stranger” comfort when she needs it. If I were a proper writer, I’d find the right words… unfortunately I still have a long way to go.



  1. How it works for me- I get a niggle of an idea or of a joke and I turn it around in my head, pray over it sometimes, then I start writing. It’s usually a fly by the seat of my pants thing sha.
    And I meant to comment on your last post; please reject any statements like that. Do not let it prick your confidence either. You are beautiful, whatever anyone else says.


    1. Thanks Nne, some people will always try to be nasty but it’s their problem… not mine.
      Prayer! I love that. It’s easy to forget to bring God into the creative process, it’s something I’m guilty of… I will work on it.
      Thanks darling


  2. Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaayyyy! a neFer hexspeRRed it! See my name up Dia shinning Bling Bling.. oh my gosh!!! **Someone please fan me breeze.. aYam in shock 🙂 *Faints then wakes up the **faints again… oh meeehnn! Thank you Ada.. Otunne.. The Duru referenced line above gave me a realll babanla #itcanonlybeGOD moment.. Sincerely nne.. I paused to just be grateful for that honor.. Wow! aYam totally undeserving.. Totally.. I sincerely thank you. So yyyyyyyaaaaayy again! Mehn! I saw the third goal oh nne.. it was not a joking sturvz sam sam.. The shot was THUDERBOLT like.. heheheh You needed to see Barr. Duru.. He just kept shouting GOAL!!! Goal!! Goal!!! Funny that it was the “Almighty Brazil” that we thrashed so.. It is wa oh! Thank you for your kind words Otunne.. I am most grateful nd Humbled.. It means plenRRy to me.

    About the last post! Wo! Dont let anyboRRies words get to you Biko (like teh man who made that statement)! Anyone can talk! Anyone can spill just ANY words.. but what does it matter?! I mean you are the captain of your own ship nah! So ignore the crazy words they say and just BE YOU! Trust me nne.. No other persons voice matters as much as the voice that you believe in.. and that voice should only be yours (even if I say so myself)..

    Bia! At this rate that you haf plenRRy plenRRy inspiraSHion like this.. I suspect you carry notepads alot oh! Sha dont be taking notes on honeymoon night eh! hehehe iKid.. This as always was an insightful read.. Aswear ehnnn.. half of the time i dunno how you and Sophie Do it! but we come here.. and leave with more knowledge than we came.. If that is not Wisdom on the side of you 2 the Authors.. then i can only wonder what is?! Cheers Otunne.. Whoop! Whoopp!! 24 in 10 days 🙂


    1. Duru!
      Your comments are always!
      Those Brazil boys were not playing o, see tackles and yellow cards, they even broke the fastest yellow card record!
      What are your plans for your birthday bash, no be party o na bash! Where we wan turn up? No slack my guy.
      As for notes on honeymoon… I see myself doing just that *covers blushing cheeks*


  3. Hey Daisey! Has anyone called you that lately?
    I say Amen to “na Jazz” prophecy ooooo and so shall it be in Jesus Name.

    For me, inspiration comes from anywhere and anything. Some i get to write down before it flies away, some i fantasize and let it fly

    How are you mami? Thanks for the nomination


    1. No one has called me Daisey in a while *smiles*
      Amen and amen, amazing blessings will come our way!
      Seems our inspiration stories are similar… you’re my inspiration sista!
      I’m good nne, how are you and Oga?


  4. I wish I had inspiring teachers like you had in secondary school especially the literature ones…’I wasn’t best friends with my lit teacher’ but I won’t bore you with the details.
    To answer your question about inspiration; I guess I’d describe myself as a writer who just opens her laptop and begins to write. It’s funny when people ask and I tell them that I have no clue of how my story would end or how I’ll start it because I just type in the first word and it flows. When I actually think of an ending to my stories and I pen it down, most times they don’t come out well so, I leave it to the flow. To cut the long story short, when it comes to my writing, it’s the ‘Holy Spirit’ at work.
    Amen to your good wishes and I wish you a very beautiful November.
    I’m just realizing that 2015 is almost at its end.


    1. How am I just seeing this?!
      I was thinking of you when I wrote this post, you are so consistent!
      I’m glad to see how you acknowledge the holy spirit, because it’s very easy to think- I did this by my sweat


  5. However it made me wonder how other writers deal with inspiration, how do they get inspired to write? How does the inspiration come? In floods or trickles? Is it an urgent something? Do you have to write immediately the inspiration comes or can it wait until its convenient? Yes, my fellow bloggers I’m talking to y’all! So let’s continue this in the comment section”

    It just comes. Sometimes it’s inspired by something i see or read or observe… sometimes it’s one of my quirky thoughts gone AWOL. Sometimes i prefer to let the thought sleep for a while– build up if need be. I prefer not to write without soul. Other times i sit down, pull out my phone or lappy and start typing. There’s always the danger of forgetting what i had in mind if i wait for a convenient time– like now, i’m trying hard and failing to recall an errant thought for a fictional story i had in a bus 😦


    1. Ndo, hopefully it will come back to you. When I get thoughts like that in a public place… I bring out my phone, put it on vibrate only then I’d set up my voice recorder and pretend to be making a call. During the “call”, I record the outline of the story.


  6. How proper a writer do you need to be? Your words cannot come any better than you give it… How much inspiration I get from reading them, that was why I came us with that slogan for you, shea you remember? “Mami, instructing the ignorant and educating the world”. You are just good like that… When you get better, I wonder what you would become. Keep writing.

    Yaaay! I see your brother is a better prophet than I am. I am happy Nigeria was able to spell BRA in the match against the Brazilians though… if only they had listened to me, they would have spelt BRAZIL. Heheheheee!


  7. I find that when I am not making a conscious effort to write, that is when inspiration comes in floods, when I least expect it. I literally have to stop whatever I am doing and write it down, I don’t wait till it is convenient, as I’ve learned that words tend to die a little when left unused.

    When I make a conscious effort to write, when it feels forced, then it trickles.

    You are most welcome, nne, I wish you happiness this November. 🙂


    1. Interesting!
      This line is so true “I’ve learned that words tend to die a little when left unused”, they really do!
      I claim this happiness, I really need it.


  8. Sometimes it’s music or a picture or a conversation, anything really. I don’t have to write then but I write down or record points so as not to lose the ” freshness”😂


  9. We writers are a quirky strange lots, lolz.
    I have learnt that inspirations comes anytime of the day for me, there are some that will torment you till you do something concrete about them.
    Personally I the HolySpirit guides me, immediately and most times I put my hands on the keyboard to type and then it just keep flowing till I deliberately stop it


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