15 for 15 challenge- Greatness

Ever heard the Happy birthday song? It is said to be the most popular song in the English language and the most easily recognisable by non-English speakers.

Ever wondered why we don’t have many remixes of the song? Well Warner Brothers had the copyright to the song and you couldn’t do jack with the song without permission from them. The company got as much as two million dollars annually from the song, however a federal judge (in the USA) has recently invalidated their copyright. The aftermath will be interesting.

  Ever wondered how the song was composed? There are conflicting accounts but the most generally accepted story is that the song is an adaptation of “Good morning to you” by the Hill sisters.

Patty Hill was a kindergarten sister and her sister Mildred was a composer and pianist. They both composed a song titled “good morning to you” in 1893.  Patty made her class sing the song every morning and eventually it morphed into “Happy birthday to you”.

Funny how a simple song that was composed for little children has transformed into a million dollar enterprise. There’s no way those sisters could imagine how far that song would go, how big it would become. They just tried to make the kids a little happier and teach them something too.

You and I might never know just how big our little actions will become, whether they’re positive or not. It’s essential to keep doing the best we can, wherever we are, whenever we can, however we can. There’s greatness in each of us, I hope we’ll always remember that.


One Comment

  1. Whooppp! Whooopppp! First to comment.. Finally! Aha! E haf teeeeyyyy ohhh since AYaf been trying..

    Nice one Bubba.. You know yeah.. I for one have learnt one thing in this life.. and it is the fact that everything we do in life is more or less a Ripple sent out to the universe.. Every word we say.. Every action we carry out.. Every thought we think… Its all a ripple of effects that can either change lives or break lives.. Its all a ripple of effect that can either make or mar us…

    This was a very ghen ghen read.. and i admire the fact that we were able to learn a lot from this.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone.. and the crowd goes.. **Singing.. Dont you wish your Otunne was Frosh like me.. Dont you wish your Otunne was cool like me.. DontCha?!”


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