How YOU doin’?

How YOU doin?

*Flips 24 inch weave and sashays onto the stage*

Wendy Williams fascinates me, how she’s able to seem warm and nice even when she’s being bitchy, especially when she’s being bitchy.

Anyway Wendy is not the focus of this post, you are! Yes you! Don’t look around, you know I’m talking to you. How have you been? What’s the latest with you? Gimme gist jare.

I haven’t been AWOL *side eyes to Duru and Ugo*, I just haven’t had anything to write about, or perhaps I had too many things to write about and my fingers felt too paralyzed to translate the thoughts to typed words. I think the second reason is the truer one.

What’s the latest with me? Nothing at all, I’m livin’ and lovin’ and taking each day as it comes. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life and growing old and death, I lost my grandmother earlier this month and it’s been a huge reality check for me. One day we’ll leave this earth and we won’t even get to pack a bag! She was sick for a while but it’s still a shock to know that no one will call me Nnedinma and give me the hugest hugs and “inspect” me to know if I’d grown too much since the last time she saw me.

Yesterday I learnt something about points of views, if you aren’t at a particular spot, you can’t see the picture no matter how hard you try, even if you use magnifying glasses. My friend and I were talking about marriage expectations. I was talking about Igbo girls having to learn life skills because of marriage, a typical mother would tell her daughter to learn to sweep so that she can sweep her husband’s house properly… and the list goes on. My friend (he’s Yoruba) gave me examples of having to learn to do things too with the caveat of learning for marriage sake.

It struck me that Igbo boys too are told the same thing (not as often as girls though) and because I’m female I didn’t see it as pressure. When I teach (sometimes nag) my brothers to being more attentive and caring, I tell them I’m doing it so they’d make good husbands. In my own loving way, I’m “pressuring” them too. It gave me food for thought for a while.

Have you ever written a post and uploaded it and everything disappeared on you? It’s one of the most painful things you can go through especially if it’s a long post. It’s happened to me at least twice and I almost cried the last time it happened. Since then, I write my posts somewhere else then I copy and paste to my WordPress. When Obianuju told me it happened to her today, I knew exactly how painful it was. She said the post was 2,500 words! That’s a huge loss, she’s starting over though and I’d love it if you could visit her blog and show her some love.

Speaking of showing some blogging love, I know I haven’t been visiting blogs recently *covers face*. For those I’ve seemingly neglected, biko forgive me. I’d been having issues with data but all that’s sorted out now. I also kinda owe an apology to my friend Hero who I’d almost accused of not visiting my blog often. I recently had to use my friend’s laptop and saw my blogs (I have two blogs- see the other blog Here) on the browser homepage’s most visited sites and when I typed “www.” my blogs were the suggested sites.

Now it’s your turn… yarn me tori.



  1. It’s always great to read scripts on ma blog mother’s space… Bia, no excuses again o, do well to feed our eyes and senses regularly here mbok; instructing the ignorant and educating the world.

    Thank God your data issues have been sorted out… Happy we will have more of you hence.

    Welcome Mami.


  2. Aww, thank you!
    And as for tori, I’ve reclaimed my memories of the last post. This one is shorter but it covers all the bases. Thank you so so much.


  3. Well, I had data problem last week and it just messed with my flow. I was determined to blog daily for this month. E don tire me.

    Then I was down with headache, cold and catarrh. No be small thing eh. Good thing I’m on holiday.

    I may have unofficially gone off blogging myself. I just surf other people’s blogs. Lots of interesting stuff.

    PS: 24 inch weave? On that note, I’m thinking about going natural. Flirting with the idea mostly.


    1. I’m just seeing this now!
      This data thing ehn! Biko continue the nonstop blogging, even if it spills into September.
      I’m glad you’re feeling better Nne, holiday time isn’t flu time 😉
      24 inch weave… I’ve never gone beyond 16 inches, even though I have a twenty inch weave in my box that I bought earlier this year.
      As for going natural… more power to you! I ain’t joining the club yet.


      1. Hahahahaha! I like your determination to stay away from the natural sister’s club. Me I’m not even sure what I want. Maybe it’s just a phase.
        I’ll look into continuing that nonstop blogging o but like P-Square sang, e no easy eeeeh

  4. Ada-Daddii!!!

    What have I been doing? Missing you, that’s what!

    I’m glad you’re back. Hugs from me to you at the passing of your grandmother.


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