Dear Bible Thumper

I was on Facebook and saw a comment on a post that got me pretty steamed- I really should stop spending so much time on Facebook, if I’d spent the time I’ve squandered on Facebook to “attempt” to write, I’d have “attempted” a novel by now. Any way someone quoted a portion of Ms Adichie’s Tedx speech “We should all be feminists” (it’s on YouTube and the transcribed version is available online, just Google it!)

He quoted the part where Chimamanda talked about being ignored by waiters in Nigeria when she’s with a man, which goes to show just how blockheaded this waiters are. Funny thing is, it’s the woman who actually determines how much the man will spend in your establishment, it’s them who’d order the fancy stuff.

In all the pharmacies I’ve worked in, men spend more money when they come with their wives, girlfriends, and significant others than when they come in alone, they linger more and buy more things. I’ve actually learned to target the woman- to smile at her and ask her what she wants, to tell her to convince the man to buy more and I try as much as possible to make her smile. You see, even if it’s the man’s money- the woman with him is more likely to get him to spend it. She’s also more likely to recommend your place for a second visit, most men don’t care about such things. Anyway waiters like that are the reason this country is not developing, they refuse to think outside the box.

Back to the said post, a certain young man started his comment with “if you want to get same recognition as a man, grow a dick”.

Grow a dick? You don’t diss my Chi-Mama like that while I’m around. So I tore my paent and went for the jugular (figurative paent oo! my parents read my blog). The guy as expected, brought points from the bible to support that a woman cannot be respected. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered continuing the thread, not only because Chimamanda wasn’t even talking about being treated as man but being recognised as a human being. But because I do not believe that in God’s plan for humanity, women were seen as inferior.

You see in Gen 2 vs. 18- 25, Moses tells us how females came to be. Among the animals, there was no helper to be found for man. He had seen all of them, named them but didn’t like any of them. This prompted God to make a suitable helper for him. The Bible tells us the woman was made from the rib of man, the choice of the rib is symbolic. She came from his side, to be his equal, to walk beside him, to be loved by him. In verse 24 is the famous “therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh”. I’ve talked about how this means that in the original plan, it was the man who had to leave his parents and his wife was to stay with hers. It’s in the bible in black and white.

Where did it all go wrong? Gen 3:16! However there was a caveat to that curse, The death of Christ on the cross set us free from the original curse of Adam and Eve- Rom 8:2 and Gal 3”13. Therefore, the curse of inferiority has been lifted. How come Christians still sprout the “females are inferior” mantra? The famous misogynist Paul of Tarsus.
Did I just call Apostle Paul a misogynist? Did I just commit that blasphemy? Yes! Paul was a Pharisee, a prominent member of a society that thought of women as virtually useless (Did you know that rabbis and Pharisees at the time had to say a daily prayer thanking God for not making them women? Like being a woman was a disease or handicap). Paul was used by God in a mighty manner but he wasn’t perfect, no one is. 1Cor chapter 11 and 14 as well as 1Tim chapter 2 show how he felt women should be handled, they were to be voiceless and submissive. Contrast this with Jesus who was moved to perform his first miracle even when it wasn’t his time yet but he did it anyway for his mother’s sake, her insistence got the miracle. Before you say she was his mother after all, Jesus made it clear that his family are those who do the will of God, it’s not about his earthly family.

The same Jesus allowed a sinful woman come close to him and anoint him, went out of his way to deliver the Samaritan woman and commended the faith of the Syrophoenican woman. Most important of all, the first people who saw his resurrected form were women and he instructed them to spread the good news John 20:17, when the Holy Spirit was released on the apostles, it came on all of them- men and women Act 1:14, Act 2. There was no discrimination of any sort.

Remember when Jesus was asked about the woman who married seven brothers? His answer was that in heaven there was no male or female, there’s no marriage- Matt 22:30. He wasn’t interested in who was superior because in his eyes, we are the same. All these issues of who was created first, and whether the woman should submit was not important to Jesus, he was more interested in reaching out to the lost, which is what we should be concerned about too, if we are Christians. Now who’s more important, Paul or Jesus Christ?

The truth is, it isn’t religion that has subjugated women, it is the brute force of men. This is the only reason that in cultures and societies around the world, women have been regarded as second class. Suppressing women is at the root of most cultures, even in irreligious cultures women as still seen as inferior. The question that comes to my mind is who’s afraid of the ‘woman’, why is there so much fear of women becoming equal? or like Dan Brown implies in the Da Vinci Code, is it because she’s probably more powerful?

Why do we take excessive measures to dim the glory of a woman, a good number of religious sects especially the spirikoko Christian sects bring up laws to further suppress women- don’t wear make-up, or fine clothes, or relax your hair or wear weaves or even do elaborate hair styles (completely misunderstanding 1Pet 3:3). And the most important of all, quoting Deut 22:5 and condemning women who wear trousers to hell.

One day I’d write about Christians who do not read the bible themselves and only parrot what their pastors say. When people come to me with Deut 22:5, I always ask them if they eat crayfish and crabs, when their answer is positive then I ask them to read Lev 11:10. Of course they’ll tell me when Peter saw a vision telling him to eat all kinds of meat. Then I’d tell them to read Lev 19:19 and ask them to check the label on their clothing, if their shirt or trouser is 99% polyester and 1% cotton then they’d go to hell too. It usually shuts them up.

If Jesus wasn’t so real to me, I’d have opted out of Christianity long ago. I’d have been a card carrying atheist or Buddhist, that’s how much Christians annoy me. I read this post on Doris Aniunoh’s blog– You say you’re christian that perfectly mirrors the things that annoy the living shit out of me when it comes to Christians. Thank God for Jesus sha, if Jesus had come today he’d flog the smugness out of many Christians who populate the church. You’d have many of your church members struggling to eat and pay their rent and all you’re interested in talking about or acting on is gay marriage. As if gay marriage and homosexual ADULTS is more important than your own personal salvation or feeding and clothing the hungry among you.

The reason I’m quoting the bible so much and looking at it from a Christian slant is because, Christians are usually the first to bring their religion up when female rights are involved. It’s funny how the white man who gave us this bible has adjusted his thought pattern while we are still clinging to antiquated ideas. Crying more than the bereaved is always a sign of low self-worth. I shudder to think that Joyce Meyer would have been suppressed if she’d been African, after all she’s a woman, why should she take the gospel around the world? I feel even more horrible about the fact that we may have suppressed girls who even have more unction than Mama Joyce just because they are females.

PS; I have not said don’t submit to your husband- whatever that means varies from marriage to marriage. Let’s also remember that men are asked to love too, Eph 5: 25-33. If you are loved, submitting is way easier and marriage might be easier… I wouldn’t know, I’m not married.



  1. Ada!!! What should I say first? Is it that I feel like l love you so much right now or that this firing up was a really good one? I like how you backed up your argument with facts from the… BIBLE!

    And that thing you said about Paul…cough cough. I don’t know where you get such spunk, girl, but I know you’re the first person I know who’s laid it out there on the table. Analysts, including me, usually avoid giving him that label, you know.

    However, he did recognize some female leaders in the early Church and accorded them honour in his letters. Examples are Priscilla, Eunice, Lois, Claudia. 50% of the time, he even addressed Priscilla (or Prisca) before Aquila, her husband. He also instructed his protégés to treat women kindly. I think these common women-bashing scriptures are being taken outside the context in which they applied in Paul’s day.

    By the way, Joyce has had to rise above a lot of obstacles and maligning to get to where she is so it’s not an African thing alone. One thing that has helped her, though, is that her husband understands her gifting as well as his. After trying unsuccessfully to please myopic clergy, he chose to allow her shine in her calling while overseeing her administrative affairs. She also regards him as her head in the home.

    Keep writing, Ada. I love this.


    1. He was a misogynist but in fairness to him, he didn’t have any choice. Their society was terrible to women and he’d been a Pharisee and those guys were notorious for how they treated women. I forgot to mention how he also came to the realization in Gal 3:20 that we’re all one in Christ, I’ll have to edit this.
      How far with exams and all? I saw a new post, dare I say you’re done?


      1. I’ve been done for a few weeks.I wrote the ‘new’ post two weeks ago and published it on my Facebook wall. Still getting my writing groove back. Cheers!

  2. My sister-in-writing, way to go!

    I find that people will always quote scriptures to suit their desires, prejudices etc. Unfortunately, we have a breed of men who have been made to believe that being male (physical) is all they need. They do not have to have sense, understanding or knowledge of any sort; they just need to have been born male.

    I’ve also asked the same question, why are they so afraid of women? Why are they so afraid to approach anything ‘women’ with logic and reasoning? Instead, they trot out out-of-context scriptures and when that doesn’t work they either claim “you are a woman, you wouldn’t understand” or resort to some sort of abuse/intimidation.

    Well done for checking that ignoramus! We need to keep doing that, checking those that refuse to use their God-given thinking faculty to reason and we need to do it with logic and reason, let’s see how they can ‘man-wriggle’ out of that!


    1. The “you’re a woman, you won’t understand” irritates me too, it usually comes after you’ve presented superior argument and they aren’t man enough to admit they’ve failed.
      The guy turned out to be a total waste of time but at least he got me to write this.


  3. Ada ada, a big thumbs up. You’ve really covered all there is to be said about the bible and women. Kudos for having the guts to label Paul- misogynist. That was really brave.
    I must say i’ve gotten tired of people quoting the Bible to explain my inferiorness. Some go as far as asking me why Jesus didn’t choose women as his apostles. It galls me when the supposedly learned people refuse to interpret the bible with reference to the time it was written and im always pissed when they conveniently forget that the writers and events took place in a past Jewish cultural setting and we all know the laws.
    The question still remains: why are men (and annoyingly some women) afraid of powerful women?


    1. I guess I’m brave when I’m angry… Funny thing is, his views were even progressive for that era, the more I learn about the ancient jews, the more I dislike them.


      1. His views were progressive for that era but unfortunately, not progressive enough. But I don’t blame him, you can’t ask a child who has not even started crawling to run. Mindset change is baby steps. It wasn’t only the Jews, if you read ancient English history, you would want to claw someone’s eyes out

  4. Ada m,
    Let me just applaud first. 👏
    Great article. Btw, you should totally read Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman. It’s quite amazing and a portion of it explains Paul’s theory. I’ve read worse, frankly. That there are justifications for women to be beaten, to be raped, to be killed and u have just wondered at the parents who allowed these criminally stupid people outside the house.
    👍 up dear. Amazing read!


    1. Thanks dear,
      I’ll look for the book. Funny thing is it’s mothers who propagate patriarchy, if mothers raised their children not to feel superior or inferior due to their gender, we won’t be having this conversations.
      When art thou updating your blog?


  5. Wonderfully written, well done. and NEVER let me hear you open your mouth and say you can not write, or peddle the erroneous fantastification that I write better than you. this is Prime! Happy Sunday


      1. Why are you like this? Okay, get ready to do your APCON and NIPR thing, ‘cos i want to post something i wrote a looong time ago, and possibly its sequel. You ready……….?

  6. Mami, we are going to open a church before the end of the year; with all these bible quoting and sense making…lol. This made a great read for me and I prescribe that more of the female folks read this piece and it’s likes, and objectively too.


  7. It’s obvious this really went skin deep. Infact, o lu gi n’okukpu. But your backup na solid o. I pity your project supervisor. You for don kill am with proof.
    Great post.


  8. He’s not spiricoco anything
    He’s a traditional man.

    I’m not inferior to any man, as far as God is concerned, .”..there is neither male nor female ”
    I will submit to my husband in marriage. I don’t have to submit to any other man

    It’s submission to parents, pastor and husband in the Lord.

    I don’t have to oblige to my parents, pastor or husband if they ask me to do wrong but I can honour them even when I say no to wrong.


    Ignore uncouth people, it is doubtful he will become civilized even if you talk to him, he would probably quote somewhere that says you must be silent when he speaks.

    You could at that, in such moments, silence is golden!


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