Of movies, HIV, rants and carlessness and the 200th post

There’s a particular movie that’s regularly shown on Africa Magic family that has always irritated me, I discovered the reason recently. The film is about a young man who discovers he has HIV and he has three girlfriends and he’s also having sex with his best friend and flatmate’s fiance and who knows how many more.

The movie’s great- by Nigerian standards but the level of ignorance about HIV that was spewed by the actors and even the film itself disgusted me. The actors kept saying the dude had AIDS and his girlfriends kept parroting that they must have AIDS too.

While I agree that it is not their job to teach anyone about HIV/AIDS but for a movie whose plot is centred on the disease, they should get their facts right. Saying you have AIDS when it’s still HIV is not only irresponsible but also fanning the flames of fear and stigma for the disease, in a country where people are still fired for being HIV positive and family members avoid such patients, a little correct info about the disease will go a long way.

Earlier this year- May or June, I think. I shared how I first got to know about sickle cell anaemia from the movie Mortal inheritance and by the time I found out I was AS when I was ten I already knew about the full implications. Being in the creative industry doesn’t give you the license to shirk your responsibility towards making the world a better place, in fact it’s even your job to do just that. I watched a certain Kenyan series recently and in the series a young man was talking to the doctor about his mother’s diabetes. As they talked, the doctor gave the young man excellent advice on how his mother’s condition could be managed. This was done in less than two minutes but it was correct, valid and easy to apply advice and if I didn’t know anything about the management of diabetes before, I would have learned plenty from the programme.

This is an unrelated rant- how they bounced Ugo and I from The Oriental Hotel. Ok maybe it wasn’t exactly bouncing because we didn’t even get to enter the place.

During the Eid-el-fitri, on Monday to be precise, Ugo and I went to The Palms in Lekki. We met up in Surulere after Ugo got lost. The story of how the young man got lost and frightened me is the stuff epics are made of, but I won’t be telling it today, let’s see if he’d bribe me first.

We went to see a bone setter first because I was working on a report about bone setters and from there we headed to Ojuelegba where we boarded a bus to CMS and from there found our way to the mall. I don’t need to add that we had mad fun and Sweet Kiwi Froyo is the TRUTH! Even though Ugo didn’t like it much.

After we left the mall we took a lot of pictures on the pedestrian bridge over Sand field bus stop, there are several pictures with people starring at us in the background. I decided that we should go to The Oriental Hotel and see take more pictures, he thought it was a bad idea but since I’m kinda his mum, he had to obey.

Did I add that we used our Leggedis Benz for the trip? When we got there the guards asked us what we were there for and I said we wanted to do something confidential. The speed at which they bounced us could rival Usain Bolt sef, as we were walking away Ugo said it was because we didn’t have a car, sadly I’m inclined to believe him…

I’m watching a Brazilian series (the life of a jobless pharmacist) and I just remembered how much I’d always wanted to live in Brazil and sip coconut milk on the beach and dance by an open fire with their gorgeous, gorgeous people. Dreams are such pleasant things aren’t they?

I would have stopped at the question on dreams but I saw that I had 666 words on the post… There’s no way I’m posting a 666 post 😉

Badagry’s currently on my mind, who knows the fun spots and the major tourist attractions there.. I’m thinking of spending a weekend there… When my money finally comes 🙂

PS After uploading this post, I got a notification from wordpress telling me that this is my 200th post!!! Two hundred already? what have I been saying?



  1. 1. Congratulations on 200 posts. 2. The whole abuse of authority issue is one I get really steamed about. There was a joke posted by someone who had 5000 people worth of influence that pretty much excused and justified rape on the grounds that the woman was “enjoying” it. I tried unsuccessfully to get him to remove it and when he didn’t, I left the channel. I totally get your point.
    How are you?


  2. Hahahahaha you’ve been saying a lot o! . . . I relate with this post on HIV manipulated awareness; at least that’s what I call it! . . . and don’t mind the yeye guards that quantifies worth by car. M clapping for you cos you do great work!


  3. hehehehehehehheheheh.. So first off! Yyyyyyyaaaaayyy.. this is the very first random post ever that aYam reading on your ghen ghen Blog.. and in http://www.oneplustheone.com ‘s voice… I lovvveeetttt.. hehehehe… kai! this is interesting.. **Wwars Mischievous smile… So you and Egwumba are getting Mushier **Tongue in cheek… truth is.. Ayav sewn Suit for you peoples wedding oH! Bone all this Mother and Son package y’all be doing… **Tongue gumms to cheek… hehehehehe iKid.. Nice one you Too.. Shhaa lemme do the toast on that day as http://www.toinlicious.blogspot.com would say…

    So 200 post!!! Wow! no… Scratch Wow.. Yyyyyaaaaaaayyyy!!!! Mehn thats a long way oh! It Eez not a small thing at allzzz.. I mean mean WHOA! mehn! GOD keep and bless you Bubba.. May the Oil of wisdom upon you Run over and overflow upon your head nyanfu nyanfu…. You go gurlll…

    HIV… I hate to say it.. But i am brave to say that that illness scares the living day light out of someboRRy.. I mean i wonder how life is for so many.. But what i do know is that Love and support will help such persons enjoy life.. Cause in all sincerity.. I do not think it is the end… Nice one Otunne.. I Love the Fire you bring on here.. Keep doing you Bubba.. Keep dancing like no one is watching… and the crowd goes.. Yyyyeaaah mehn!


    1. Like I told ya, replying to your comments always require full thought.
      As for Ugo… you want his babes to roast me okwa ya? Your plan will not work. If you weren’t so young, I’d be toasting you day and night sef :-p
      Indeed HIV is scary but like you said it’s not the end, I heard the story of a man whose son had cancer who wished it had been HIV. In any illness love and support goes a long way in helping the patient live a better life.
      Thanks for stopping by Oga Duru


  4. You’ve been saying stuff that has been keeping us going!!!
    Keep on blogging; don’t stop!

    And as for shoddy portrayal of health/medical issues in Nigerian films, please don’t get me started!!!


    1. Hahahahahaha! You can come jare, no need for suitcase matter. Iz this having fun? Nne any thing that is bringing money to my pocket is not fun 🙂


  5. LOL at 666 words. Just yesterday I refused to follow a blog because I would have been the 666th follower. Donno if I was being superstitious. But that number doesn’t sound friendly. BTW congrats on reaching 200 posts.


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