I am tired of hope

Two days ago, Ugo and I were talking about my last post (he has the nicest voice, you can talk to him on and on). He didn’t agree that travelling out of the country to have children was really proper, especially after outlining all the things that could be done to improve our healthcare system.

We talked about foreign citizenship issues, I’d definitely want my child to have the best advantages possible. Having them in the US or in Canada (which I’m partial to because of their excellent, affordable healthcare which is available to its citizens) will give them advantages that their Nigerian born mother doesn’t have. They can settle down almost anywhere in the world without serious hassles, they won’t be subjected to terrible treatment by immigration officers around the world. Most importantly, their countries would do anything to protect them regardless of what country on earth they reside.
“Let’s hope things get better” he said.

I didn’t like the sound of that, I actually hate the way we use the word hope in Nigeria. It’s our catchphrase, escape from responsibility. We like to hope but we’ll never get up to get things.

My relationship with the word hope soured before it even started. Remember Hope 93? after everything how did it end? We had the freest elections in Nigerian history and the candidate whose campaign was based on hope won the elections but he never got the chance to assume office.

For me, hope means aborted dreams and unrealised ambitions. I prefer “Act”, “Let’s do this”. We’ve hoped for too long, it’s time we started doing.



  1. Kk I also don’t agree that life should be about foreign passport. I strongly disagree with you. I also don’t but the idea of better health care just has thousands die during child birth in Africa thousands die also outside Africa and it is just as important to talk about


  2. Uhhh mami, I dunno mehnnn….I am not sure I got a lot of hope for my country so I am gonna stick with countries that act instead of sit back and cross their arms and hope….**shrugs**


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