Father’s day musings.

“I miss you, when are you coming back”

“Do that thing properly jare, owu otu ihe gi mere”

“You’re not driving my car, forget it”

“If you need money talk, I have many things on my mind. I can’t sniff the air and know you need money, that’s why I like your sister, she’ll disturb you when she needs money”

“A goldfish has no hiding place”

“You’re enjoying o, who were you to tell my father he’s being unfair”

“Corn flakes and golden morn, only you? Who will buy that one for you?”

“When I was in school I spent only ninety naira per month”…

“That’s how you will speak bad English and people will say I’m your father”

“Let’s check out”

“I’ve kept all your school fees receipts”

“It’s not on my budget”

“I was a soldier in the Biafran army, don’t mind your grandmother”

“I don’t love any of you more jare”

“Your mother was worried, I wasn’t. I just didn’t want to sleep until you came back”

“They said they miss you, me I did not miss you”

And that smile which says everything.
Happy Father’s Day Nna Adaeze,Obinna na Ikenna



  1. ROFL!!! I love this quips. I can just see myself saying this to my kids and more. But here’s what’s better: the look on your face when Ur Papa is really saying them! #priceless


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