Workshop Diary

I don’t think I can describe the workshop, maybe I should just talk about Chimamanda’s beauty.

The workshop officially began on Tuesday the sixteenth but we checked into the hotel the previous day


                                                                          My room for the workshop duration.

So far, I’ve learned plenty from the Farafina workshop. Beyond writing, it’s exposed me to so much.

I’m feeling very sleepy now, will put up a longer post tomorrow.

Until then, sayonara



  1. So glad you got in and get to tell us about it. I plan to apply for this next year although unsure how that will pan out since I have a full-time job, still…. Oh please do tell me ALL about it! I’m dying to hear about your awesome experiences. And I also think Adichie is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen 🙂


    1. Please apply! It’s a beautiful, wonderful experience. You can arrange for your leave to coincide with the workshop, don’t let “work” keep you from enjoying life.
      She really is beautiful up close, her pictures don’t even capture her beauty


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