My son, my friend

I remember the first comment he left on this blog, I’d written a post about a love song and implied that Nigerian men were not romantic. His comment had me smiling and nodding at the wisdom behind the words. I knew I definitely wanted to get to know this guy… In a non-romantic way (I just had to add that)

    His blog turned out to be interesting, funny, thought provoking, inspiring, delightful… Trust me, I could rave on and on about his blog. I totally feel in love with his short and zany posts. We also connected on google plus and for the first time I realised that google hangouts was not a useless waste of app space.
Whose eyeballs are bigger?

  Ugo recently adopted me as his blog mother, I guess it was because I was always bullying him on BBM to blog (Some other people would never blog even if you bully them night and day, they know themselves). I’m tickled pink by his choosing me to be his blog momma but I have no idea how to be a good blog mom. I have good role models(Don’t get me wrong), fantastic ones for that matter. Perhaps that’s the problem Ernie, Naija mum and Adannem are excellent bloggers (I have 3 blog mums… I’m fab like that) and I fall short… very short.

  Ugo has been such a huge blessing to me, he’s been listening ear, caring heart, wise lips and analytical brain and in this post dedicated to him I want to tell him how grateful I am for his friendship and his immense support. I hope I can live up to being a mom 😉



  1. I can imagine how difficult it was for you to mold these words cause it took you ages and I know you will always wonder if it is adequate enough. All I can say is I am blessed having the best blog mum in the world. (Shines teeth like brother Duru – JdB).
    I am happy to know that I have not just 1, but 3 blog grandmothers – chisos… only me!. You had better tell them how their blog grandson is doing. I am just blessed.
    Mami, thanks for your blogternal endorsement. Love you so… I will keep being a good blog son, inshalah!


    1. Lol! Like play like play…
      Saw the anniversary post, I tried to reblog but for some reason it refused to load. I’ll try again today.


      1. I’ve been good, I’m currently in church… The service is beyond long. I got accepted for this year’s farafina writing workshop. Will put up a post tomorrow but I have to tell you first, after-all I couldn’t have gotten this without you.

      2. Ada- Daddiim!!!
        I’m dancing in joy for you!!!
        Ewoo, you deserve this and I KNOW you will shine like the star you are!!!

    2. Blog grandma 3, I will be spending the weekend at you place this weekend to report myself to you personally and to listen to you, mami tells me how wise you are.


  2. You WILL do well!
    You already have it in you! All the workshop will do, will be to bring it out and make it shine for more people to see and appreciate!


  3. hehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe interesting…. Hehehehehehe I dunno what else to say Again ooo.. But Interesting.. I went to Uni with Egwumba… and he is a ghen ghen guy like that.. and although I dont get along with him at all at all.. He is a cool guy still with lotsa prospects… This is an interesting post Otune… hehehehe Do I hear wedding bells ringing?! **Runs away… 🙂 **Winky winks…


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