Month O’ love: Runaway

Last month or so, my friend and I were arguing about the fact that we don’t have love songs in Nigeria, according to her our love songs were only wedding songs like Olo mi… is that even a wedding song? Anyway we decided to Google Nigerian love songs and I typed Nigerian lov, Google completed my search as Nigerian love scams. I felt so bad and my naughty friend was laughing like a hyena. Why are we like this… even our love is classified as scam. Yes I know many Nigerians have pulled elaborate romantic scams on unsuspecting foreigners but I still felt bad.

Today I’m featuring a Nigerian love song from the one and only Styl-Plus! I loved those guys back in the day. I had the hugest crush on Shifi and his goatee, the seventeen year old me would have left everything if he’d beckoned… yes the crush was that bad.

My favourite song was runaway, I so loved everything about the song.

Styl-Plus – Run Away Lyrics
Ah ah ah ah (3ce)
If I could run away
Ah ah ah ah (3ce)
If I could run away

I could search for a million years I would still never find the words
And the greatest of all the things I fear is that my true feelings will never
be heard by you
You’ll never know how much I care
Girl you’ll never know how much your love will mean to me
Your love will mean to me

If I could runaway I’ll run with you far away
To a place where there’ll be angels
Who’ll describe to you the way I feel
Feel for you, feel about you
My heart and my soul’s desire

Verse 2
I could walk all around the world I would still never find the words
‘Cos the feeling I feel inside my heart is a feeling that has never been felt
By me I’ve never been so deep in love
Girl it’s never been so hard to say the way I feel
To say the way I feel

If I could pick a day to run away I’d surely pick a Sunday
Cos the angels would be totally there at the disposal of you and me
The reason I need the angels to talk to you for me is that you’re my angel
So maybe you will understand the angels when they tell you how I feel.




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