Lyrically – Lagimo

Today’s song takes me back to 2008, it was the jam of the moment and I loved it totally. It was a gospel song with a brilliant, non-preachy message and Cobhams production was sublime (as always). At that time, it was one of the most played songs in Benin-city, you couldn’t escape from the song even if you tried. Why does this song take me back in time? It came out when I was head over heels in love and everything was magically beautiful, when I listen to the song I’m reminded of that ecstatic era.

  Enjoy this beautiful classic by Rooftop MCs, it’s called Lagimo.
Yo! take my picture, Cheese
I know we’re big here, We’re also big overseas
Guys around the world are feeling our sneeze
And the ladies are screaming it’s ROOFTOP MCS
See that’s us in the spot light
With our clothing line, You know, we look tight
Make cheddar faster than we can spend it
Got our own comics, investments in Germany
By thirty five, I own my own jet
Mansion by the lake and I ain’t done yet
Wait a minute, I’m losing direction
I feel foolish, I need your correction
Put first the kingdom, my brother
And the things you boast for, na jara
Lord please bring me back
If you have to hit my head, like a conga slap
Ori mi wu o… e lagi mo
Ori mi wu o… e lagi mo, e lagimo,
E lagimo

Dear Lord, Yes, I am back again (again)
Need you to put me back on the track again
Save me cos I’m slowly going insane
Maybe I should take time to explain (Go on explain)
You gave me the music but I abused it
Music brought fame and yes I misused it (Ahan)
Every other night your help I refused it
I don’t understand how I got confused it
Seems like I’m addicted to the mic and the lime light,
(lime light)
Sacrifice rhyming right just to rhyme tight (rhyme tight)
Autographs, photographs and reviews
Polygraph, my paragraphs and interviews
It ain’t hard to see I have not been true
Not to the public but to you (to you)
Lord what I’m saying is with no delaying,
my flesh needs slaying

My head is spinning like a carousel for all the attention
And I can not deny that I’m enjoying the attention
Crowd is cheering loudly, the world is looking at me
And for one second, I forget that this is not about me
And the spot light is on me if the world could only see that
I’m just another vessel bringing glory unto thee,
Don’t let get to my head, Please save me Lord from my flesh
And kill my hidden pride until I am broken deep inside


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