15 for 15 challenge – Five tips for happiness

Hiya everyone, how’s your week been? Productive and interesting I hope…

This is my fifth entry in the 15 for 15 challenge, so far it’s been an interesting ride for me. Sticking to a theme is a new experience and I’m loving it. In the spirit of random inspiration, today’s post is based on a video I saw on Facebook. In the video Bishop TD Jakes expounded on five surefire ways to be happy and I’ll be sharing them here.

1. Own your own happiness: don’t allow your happiness to be dependent on external factors, these include your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, money, job etc. You are responsible for your happiness, you have to make the choice to be happy regardless of what goes on around you. Let every other thing be an additional factor in your happiness and not its main source.

2. Challenge your own story: it’s easy to mope around and feel sorry for yourself, it’s easy to say I’d have been a better person or been in a better place if X hadn’t happened to me or if Y hadn’t come into my life… STOP that line of thought, change your viewpoint, accept the terrible things and move on in spite of them. Remember that things could have been much worse too. Change the way you see yourself, talk to yourself and talk about yourself. You write the script of your life, you can make it a comedy or tragedy… It’s your choice.

3. Enjoy the journey: the journey is more important than the destination. Don’t delay your happiness until you hit certain milestones, when you get there its not usually all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t wait until you become a millionaire before you take a vacation, you can plan one with what you have. Don’t wait until you get married to travel, have fun and enjoy life.

4. Make relationships count: Starting with the most important relationship of all- your relationship with God. Make your relationship with him solid, pray always, read and meditate on his word. The next relationship on the descending order of relationships is your relationship with yourself, how you see yourself determines how others see you. A healthy self esteem is perhaps one of the most important possessions a man can have. Cultivate your other relationships, your family, friends, colleagues should not be taken for granted in the pursuit of life’s goals and purpose. A tree cannot make a forest, we need relationships to achieve our maximum potentials. Besides if you sacrifice everyone to get to the top, when you get there you’ll be sad, lonely and miserable.

5. Balance work with play: I think this is probably the most important point. No matter how busy we are, finding time to unwind and relax should be paramount. Even engines suffer from wear and tear, how much more humans who are made from dust? Besides our bodies are more complex than any machine ever built, just the mechanism that keeps the heart beating or digestive processes are more complex than we can comprehend. We need adequate REST, relaxation and recovery time. As modern life gets more stressful and complex, we need to actively create time for leisure and recreational activities. Did you just think “my job is demanding and it doesn’t give me spare time”. Well, no one is indispensable, if anything goes wrong with you, someone else will step up to the plate and do that your job that seems to unravel when you’re not there. Yes Hero, I’m talking to you.

  Finally there’s nothing I mentioned here that is essentially new, these are things we’ve always known. However I hope this will serve as a reminder that happiness is a choice and only when we are determined to be happy can we truly be happy.




    1. Obinna… you obviously don’t know what plagiarism is, I even had to spell it for ya :-p. Obinna: putting sand in my garri since 1900… I love you still brother mine 😉


  1. Ooooossssheey Turn uP! You know yeah Bubba, that #1 and # 2 were the kicker for me.. Many atimes we humans (Esspecially Yours Trully **Covers face) fear that our lives happiness should be based on a particular action, event or circumstance.. We believe that till something happens or someboRRy comes into our lives yeah, we cannot be TRULY happy.. But heaven is teaching this 23 years 4 months and 17 days old Young and confused child that Happiness (just like love) is a choice and until we decide to ‘BE’ happy.. We will always keep hoping for a time that will never come.. So Otunne I am learning to kick of my shoes and dance like no one is watching with as much passion as i can muster, Cause in all sincerity yeah.. I dunno how much time I have left, hence I refuse to die and unlived life.. This was such a fun read.. I mean it was literally my best read yet of your entries into the series.. Nice one Bubba.. And the crowd goes… Yyyyeeaaaahhh Mehn! 🙂


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