I want to marry Flavour

To start with, we’re both single aren’t we? Ok, he has a baby Mama or two… there’s no obstacle true love cannot overcome.

I’m currently in love with Flavour- who was born Chinedu Okoli. I have to emphasize “currently” because the tides of my “looove” have been known to ebb without notice.

Before you think it’s because of his display of taut muscles, toned pecs, piercing eyes and full lips (mills and boon alumni in the building). No, I’m not that shallow… besides I’m pretty scared of them muscular dudes, a hug from them could bruise my sensitive skin.

Anyway I’m in love with Flavour because of his beautiful voice, his innate talent for hi-life, the way he and people like Phyno have made igbo songs hit songs and most importantly his penchant for lucrative deals…

If you live in Lagos, it’s very likely that you must have heard the APC campaign jingle for Mr Akinwunmi Ambode. Yes the one with all them celebs, the one with Flavour singing his heart out for Ambo…  imagine my surprise when on getting to Enugu, I heard a song by Flavour supporting the PDP candidate all over the airwaves. I know that participating in a jingle doesn’t make anyone a member of a party but making jingles for different parties…

Finally I want to marry Flavour because he has the making of an “AGIP”, like the Jerry Ganas and Mrs Shagayas of this world my Flavour will go far. I wanna be by his side when he does.

Today’s my friend’s traditional wedding, the activities are in top gear… have to go and make myself useful.



      1. Taken II has been on RCAUbe since 29th of March o! We just want to know what will happen next and who the Takers will be!

      2. I’m so sorry my dear but I think I myself have been Taken! arrgghhhh!!!
        Ada-Dadii, there’s so much going on in this head of mine that I don’t even know what to write, how to finish what I’ve started where to begin….argggghhhh!!!!

      3. Lol @ “I think I have been taken”. I understand and empathize but I also know you need a push to work on those stories and I gladly nominate myself to the task :-p

  1. hehehehehehehhehe Okayyyyyy this post is Epic.. Flavour come and see oh!!! Ada is tripping for you like person wey match Banana… Damn! I knew i should have worked harder on all those my Biceps and Triceps hustle.. who knows ehn, maybe the caption of this post would have been “I want to marry the handsome, intelligent, brilliant, biceped, triceped and sexy Duru” **wears straight face.. issorait..

    In other news, Flavour is a hustler.. A legitimate Igbo Kwenu.. So noRRin and i repeat noRRin matters as much as the Ego.. If you give him chance sef Flavor and we Igbos can do a a membership promo campaign for both Heaven and Hell at the same time all in a bit to make more cash.. hehehe Money matters.. Nice post Otunne, it was a fun read ASWEAR.. Ooossshhheeey Turn UP!


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