Daddy’s pet

In a few days, Nigeria will be holding her presidential elections. The battle for the soul of the country, victory in the election is fierce for the two front line political parties. Unfortunately, I won’t be voting in this elections even though I possess a PVC. I registered in Edo state and I’m therefore ineligible to vote in Lagos. It is possible to transfer your PVC if you relocate but the steps in the process are tedious and time consuming.

Β  During elections,Β Youth Corpers are expected to participate in the conduct of the election. They make up the bulk of the “foot soldiers”. Again, I will not be participating in the election even though I’m a corper. The post election violence of four years ago is still fresh on my father’s mind and no amount of money, pressure from the corp officials or other inducements would make me defy his wish that his only daughter not participate in the election. Besides the violence, the body language and utterances of our local politicians have made us wary.

  This afternoon I went to the INEC office in Surulere to opt out formally. When I entered the compound, a young man walked towards me with a smile. He was tall, slim and very handsome.  His name was Y- his voice was even melodious. And he told me who to see for NYSC matters and how to locate his office.  While we were talking he refused to let go of my left hand (I lived in “Ekosodin” for six years so I know better than to snatch my hand from slightly suspicious characters). As he held on, he used his hands to emphasize his directions and was almost giving my palm a slow massage while surreptitiously searching for a ring.

  After seeing the official, the first person I encountered on my way out was “Y”. He was puzzled at my brief visit until I explained the circumstances and his countenance changed. The laconic flirt became a fast paced, hard talking sales man who marshalled various reasons why I should vote. His clincher had me in stitches, I couldn’t help laughing at the Nigerian politicians and their playbook. His last and most important point was- he was a party observer and we might end up in the same polling booth, he could even try to swing it. I smiled at him and told him that he couldn’t change my mind, you should have seen how quickly he disengaged himself from me. I guess it’s a new strategy, “political romance”.

While watching a documentary on Nigerian elections, I told my dad how my visit to INEC office transpired (I skipped the meeting a guy part πŸ˜‰ he doesn’t need to know everything). He was glad I didn’t let anyone pressure me into agreeing, he wanted me in his sight during the period. “The money isn’t worth  losing a limb or one’s life for” he said.

I reminded him that I had a project in April and the money would have been a boost and relief for me, I said that casually but his response shocked me.

“I’ll sponsor your project, Adaeze” he replied.

I smiled sheepishly as I gathered my plates from the dining table.



  1. Truly a mixed bouquet. I pray for the days when it will be a thing of pride for Corp Members to support the conduct of elections. God bless Nigeria


  2. The intentions of Mr Y- is mixed-up. Could it have been the so-called “love at first sight” or just another “political romance”?

    Daddy’s pet, do not capitalise on this to empty your dad’s pocket o…lol. I trust you won’t.


    1. Lol! Ugo it was definitely not love at any sight, it was political romance at it’s peak… As for the daddy’s pockets, the cunning man won’t even let me do that.


  3. DZ the guy made me laugh too jare, like that would make you fall.

    Kelerem Daddy, that man na sure guy always.


  4. Biko your life is precious. My hubby said we’ll run to Festac (family house) for safety since its an Igbo community. I look forward to voting cos i did in 2011 but the manner at which they are going about it this year, i smell ……….
    It’s been a while Adannaya (Lol)


  5. Mami, I am with you…So far, I know JUST ONE Adaezewa….and I will like to have her around for as long as I can…soooooo Go NOWHERE!!!….I dunno if I am daddy’s pet tho’….buh I had fun reading this….erhmmmmmm mami…whats up with the other blog…you know I am an ardent reader eh….when are you dropping a post there?


  6. My dear life is precious please make sure you play house on that day. I won’t be voting, would have loved to vote but I also registered in Edo state and didn’t get the opportunity to travel to get it. Pity!


  7. Ossshhheeey Turn Up! now this line had me giggling like a Hyena:

    “The laconic flirt became a fast paced, hard talking sales man who marshalled various reasons why I should vote”

    Lmao! no be small Political Romance oh! Mehn Bubba the degree of intensity portrayed in the pre-election days in Nigeria is somewhat scary.. Abeg they should not fight in Festac oh! I cannot Run oh! Plus I never Marry oh! I never Born oh! I never even get enough geh friends to satisfy my KINDA dating CV. lmao! All in all Otunne, i think our security lies in our individual hands.. We all should be cautious through out the period, and even if we go out to vote ehn, lets shun all these stupid.. No! i did not say the “stupid” well, I meant STUPID arguments of what Party is better, cause in my 23 years 3 months 15 days Young and Confused eyes yeah, none of these leaders has Nigeria’s best interest at heart, talkless of that of we Nigerian’s.. and the crowd goes.. Yeeeeeessss oh!.. Cheers Ada.. How are you Bubba?! Oshhhheeeey Turn up!


    1. Otunne when you turn up… you add colour! Like you said it’s stupid to believe any party is better after all they are all run by the same set of people. I pray the elections will be peaceful everywhere. I’m good Duru, just missed you like kilonshele.


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