The questions come…
Why are you not…? You’ve shown no interest in… What is wrong with you?
They shake their heads in bewilderment
You don’t know how to have fun, they say.
How will you get a man?
What if I prefer girls? I wanna ask them. That would shut them up.

How come you’re not…? Why is your account red?
Why are you still walking?
This time they snigger…
This time, as always…
You ignore them
And poke pins in their effigies.

Why can’t you hold me…? Can’t you see the others…?
They would trade with you in a minute
He leers at you with a grimace he thinks is sexy
What does he know?
Nothing at all.

You walk away…
Slightly  bruised,
You can’t stop smiling
Maybe you’re free now.

You’re a little giddy…
It soon passes, washed away,
By reality and by plans…

You’re bristling with purpose,
Life is again an adventure

Liberty’s bitter fruits are clenched hard in your fists



  1. Wow. This is deep. Funny how even when we’ve come to terms with our own existence and life at a particular moment, we still have to deal with what others make of it too.


  2. Its the environment..its the culture.. So the subject and many others like her are “freedom fighters” waging a revolution.. Individual revolutions


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