What is in your hand?

When I was a child, I read an article in a devotional *our daily bread* that had “what is in your hand?” as its title. The gist of the article was that several people used by God- David, Moses, Samson, Gideon and others.

   For David it was a slingshot, Moses had a staff, Samson the jawbone of a donkey, Gideon a fleece of wool, Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite had milk, a tent peg and a hammer with those tools she brought down Sisera the great enemy of Israel- Judges chapter 4. Jael is one of my favourite bible characters, the woman seized a breathtakingly daring opportunity to take down a tyrant. When I was much younger I’d wonder, what if he had woken up? What would have happened to her? When my aunty first read the story to us (my brother and I), we were astounded at her bravery.

   I’d like to ask a slightly unrelated question, do we have books on bible stories for kids these days? I remember learning to read with “My book of Bible stories” and a certain comic series adapted from the Bible. When I was older an aunt who worked in a high end private school borrowed The Bible story by Uncle Arthur for me, one volume at a time (it has ten volumes). I’m asking because I’ve been looking for interesting Christian literature for my godson and I haven’t seen anything interesting. My godson can’t read yet, he’s only three but I want him to start right. I’m very open to suggestions.

Back to the topic at hand. We’re quick to dismiss our gifts (what’s in our hands) as ordinary, mundane and even useless. What if David had abandoned his slingshot? after all he’d been given a coat of armour and a huge sword and conventional wisdom would say a sword would beat a slingshot. Heck! I would say that too. Moses’s case was even different, that guy had all the excuses in the book- he should be the patron saint of work evaders, yet with his staff he was used to perform many miracles. From the plagues of Egypt to the parting of the Red Sea and even obtaining water from a rock, unfortunately that led to his problem with God. What if Queen Esther hadn’t approached her husband? Her beauty and carriage were her gifts and she used them perfectly.

Let’s learn to appreciate the wonderful skillset God has given each of us, whether it’s the ability to bring order out of the most chaotic situations or the ability to bring chaos into ordered systems, being able to write and move people, a cracked voice that people never forget. Whatever it is, please value on it. You’ll definitely be required to use it.

  I watched Dame Patience our first lady on TV earlier, she was campaigning in Kogi state, I laughed hard at her sly digs at the opposition party and was impressed at her boldness and her understanding of the basic Nigerian psyche. Despite the mockery this woman has faced for her grammar and carriage, she’s carrying on and making plenty impact. She knows the average Nigerian is not looking for “supri-supri” American and British accents to campaign to them, they want to hear facts in the way they understand it and by God! she delivers. Using a blend of pidgin English, Nigerian English and a sprinkling of local languages she whips her crowd to a frenzy and had me laughing and agreeing with her. That ladies and gentlemen is “what is in her hands”. Her ability to connect with the man on the street is her gift and her “selling point” *in D’Prince’s voice*. Watching her directly inspired me to use what was in my hand (my blog) and I hope it inspires you too.




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