One of my favourite activities of last year was baking cakes and eating them, there was something about hot and fresh cake that I found hard to resist and that’s how I ended up gaining the twenty pounds I lost last year. However I haven’t baked a cake this year, the last time I baked was on my last birthday *31st December*

So yesterday I decided to bake a cake for my brother because he’d been asking me to bake for him for a while. As I started getting things ready, I thought why don’t I make cupcakes and experiment with flavours as well describe the process so as to make this a culinary post as well.

Recipe for 24 cupcakes

300gms flour, I used cake flour

300gm butter/margarine,  I used topper brand

285gms of sugar

Six medium sized eggs

1.5 teaspoons of baking powder

1.5 teaspoons of whatever flavour essense you choose.


First I measured my sugar…


My beautiful weighing pan


Then I blitzed the sugar in my dry mill and this is where I tell y’all a heinous story of betrayal. One of my closest friends goes by the name Hero and is generally supportive but I had no idea that my friend knew something that could have saved me from a considerable amount of stress and didn’t tell me.


This is caster sugar which is obtained by blitzing sugar to powder. This way you don’t get to cream sugar and butter forever. I discovered this a few months ago and in my excitement I called Hero to share the info and I got this for my trouble… “are you just knowing this? I knew about it since”.
  O! The betrayal! I barely managed to forgive my friend.



Mixing time, thank God for mixers or I’d never have learned how to bake. Ever tried mixing manually? Your arm muscles will hate you.


Added the eggs to the butter-sugar mix


Flour and baking powder, the baking powder is the whiter powder. While I was making this cake, I had major drama. I couldn’t find my baking powder, I searched every possible place it could have been, and by that time I was almost done with mixing everything. I thought about going to buy some but two things glued me to the house. The first was that it was going to be a long walk under the sun and that day was hot. The second was that my baking powder was barely half finished and I’d bought the industrial size. Thankfully I found it just in time.


Ready? Not quite. Where’s the flavour? I measured the batter in batches and used different flavours.



And I got my pan, lined it with cupcake wrappers and popped it in the oven.


Here they are, my itsy bitsy cupcakes


My flavour stash


The second batch going into the oven.

See, cupcakes are easy peasy, decorating them is up to you. I don’t like frosting/icing on my cakes.

  My beautiful friend Esther will be passing out of NYSC tomorrow, I’m so excited for her. She’s going into the favour market and I know she’ll excel in anything she does.

Congrats oyoyo’m, nwanyi oma, asa’m, egovin’m



  1. **covers face** Mami…last week I decided to bake a cake…my cake never turned brown, it was white mehn…hehe…I think I should stay away from baking, especially since I dont even eat cakes…


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