The quest for miracles

Another miracle post? Not quite.
This post has been in my drafts since Friday the thirteenth but I haven’t finished it yet, the problem I have with writing is that if I don’t finish it at one sitting (WAEC and JAMB memories) then it’s always hard for me to revisit it. 95% of my blog post on either blog are written at once, I’ll sit down write everything in a sitting. If I leave a post for any reason then the odds are high that it will never get published.

Earlier this week, I saw two posts on a popular blog that made me laugh and feel very sad at the same time. The two stories were about finding water in a recently cut tree, read the first post and the update.

The said tree is located in a federal university of technology in southern Nigeria, a university that only admits bright science students. The school is famous for academic excellence and hardworking students and their graduates can be found manning various sensitive positions in engineering, food and beverage industries, and almost any other science related field.

Yet in 2015, water mysteriously started gushing out of a tree and not one student tried to investigate the source of the water instead, they turned the tree to a new pilgrimage site with an array of buckets and containers that brought back memories of my junior secondary school days and the terrible water situation in FGGC Bida at the time. They were more interested in the “miracle” than in applying logic and scientific principles to discover why such a tree would be producing that amount of water.

Now, I’m not against miracles and other supernatural manifestations. My whole life is a miracle, there’s a big reason my middle name is Chinanuekpere- God hears prayers. The circumstances around my birth are enough to convince anyone of the existence of an Omnipotent Jehovah. However I believe God did not give us brains for decoration or for fancy as my mother used to put it back then.

However I believe that a nation can only advance as far as it’s scientists can go or it’ll have to depend on other countries to its own cost. Building a crop of scientists that would spark off innovations and an industrial revolution is probably the only thing that can save this country.

I once read an illustration that has stayed with me, a black man and a white man are exploring an area and find a mountain. The white man’s first thought was to scale the mountain while the black man fell on the ground and worshipped the mountain. When I discussed this post with Hero this weekend, my friend explained it with an apt expression “what we cannot justify, we mystify”. We have to build our youths, in this case children with the ‘explore and discover’ mentality and not a “what they can not justify, they mystify” generation as we have today.

A good number of my readers are young people who do not have children yet, it’s up to us to raise children with a sense of adventure and wonder, children who will ask why things are the way they are and how they can be modified. That way our children will not disgrace us outside by carrying miracle water on the pages of blogs



  1. heheheheheheheh Bubba I read about that thing at FUTO.. its funny yeah! how Nigerian people turn everything into a SUPERNATURAL phenomenon… How if the wind blows from the east then one miracle will happen and all.. Its sad to see how life is going in the great African continent even in teh year 2015, and how even the “Educated” fall prey for the tacts and shenanigans of the evenly uneducated as relating to the supernatural.. But do i blame anyone?! No Bubba, thing is we Africans are highly spiritual, believing in series of things ranging from stones to thunder and all, but the Onyibo people ehn.. Their own is straight to the point oh! There you are either in the good sad, ior on the bad, you believe in either of the 2! Good or Bad… Its funnny sha,… Otunne that line got me oh “What we cannot Justify, we mystify” and to that the crowd goes Yyyeeeeaaahhh mehn! Turn down for what mbok?! **Singing Aint no stopping Ada nowwwww… She is on the move… Cheers Otunne. xx You asked how I was yeah?! Well i am Young and Confused as usual thats how 😀


    1. You’re always this big burst of fresh air! Our spirituality sef too much, I have no problem with spirituality sha but abeg make dem temper am with science. I’m glad you’re good darling, very glad.


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