In 2008, I had a prolific poetry phase. I wrote and wrote and wrote, a few of those poems survived because I put them on Facebook. Yesterday I was reading one of them and decided that I’d try and write more poems this year.

Today’s poem is one of my favourites from that era, I wrote it after re-reading Sidney Sheldon’s bloodline. In a way, it’s dedicated to Sidney

Some hold on to scepters and pinnacles
For it is their right to rule.
Some perch and build nests on towers
In their quest for power
But you my love,
Reach for the skies
For who can hold on to wings air-borne
Or who can touch the rising sun

2 Forgers work on tools of iron,
Tempered to red heat
For what is strong that doesn’t go thru flames.
After the fire comes strength.
For tempered steel is greatly desired, for tasks beyond the ordinary.
Child of my soul,
If you must suffer, then remember.
The best meals are cooked
The best steel tempered
The best china fired
And gold always smelted.
If you must be the best
Then a phoenix you must be,
Roasted in flames,
Yet from the ashes
Arisen anew.


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