31 days

This will be a short post.

Since the first day of this month, I’ve updated this blog daily. It hasn’t been easy or interesting, to be honest several times I asked myself what I was thinking when I decided to put myself through this. I made mental dolls of myself and stuck pins in them and almost spat in the water I served myself on several occasions.

  But I held on and wrote enough to get by and I’m glad I pushed myself like this. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that I can undertake even more ambitious projects eg update this blog daily or start working on a novel.

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with my bosom buddy Hero that God used to teach me something about faith. Hero (my ever mischievous friend) teased me about a certain challenge that would prevent us from climbing a particular summit. Funny thing is, my friend’s church is having a faith conference (the head pastor is a man of faith and I love him and his messages) but my extremely naughty friend decided not to even conceptualise our grand plan. Later that day while I was pondering on something else (I’ll confess, it was money) I got a mini revelation.

Well it was actually a major rev. My rev was “faith was not given to me for the small matters of life but for the big things”. Big things like telling a mountain to be moved to the sea, walking on water, achieving my lofty and seemingly impossible financial goals, slaying the giants in my personal life and writing a book.

This month of blogging has shown me that I love writing and if I decide to discipline myself a little, I can write regularly.

I’ve come to the end of this short post. Stay blessed y’all



  1. Oh dear….Mami…**whispering** how difficult was it eh? to blog everyday?…hehe…Mami…I am sure you can do it eh….If you keep challenging yourself…you are good to go!…Love mi some Adaeze!


  2. True that Ada.. I think life is pretty is easy.. Find your guns, and stick to it no matter what.. I mean I most definitely cannot blog everyday.. If i try it ehn, chei! Bory go tell me no be small, but the fact that you chose to do so means you want to, and if you want to, then you have to… Faith truly is important.. I think it is even due to the Faith that GOD has in himself and his never failing almighty abilities that keeps the world hanging on nothing but matter.. In my 23 years 2 months and 23 days of existence Bubba, I am learning that Faith doesnt just move mountains, it creates mountains too..So with faith we can take out a wrong mountain and replace with a much berra one. Nice one Otunne, the lord is your muscle.. Turn Turn up Ladies and gentlemen, My Otunne is Badder than yours.. **Shines teeth. Happy new month Bubba and to all C.BReaders. 🙂


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