The Turkish Sultan

  I’m out of ideas on what to write today and it’s already 11pm. I’ve had a long day with NYSC, my locum job and a certain phlegmatic individual conspiring to drain me. I’d almost given up on posting anything until I remembered a scene from one of my favourite books as a child that talked about doing your duty even your whole body doesn’t want to. The book is “The Good Master” by Kate Seredy. It was written in 1935 (what is it with me and old things?) and the story is a little dated but children will always be children.

My favourite story in the book is the story of the Turkish Sultan, it’s about a rooster who loved his mistress.

One day a certain rooster was scratching the yard of the Sultan’s palace for worms and he saw a big diamond in the ground, he admired the diamond and flapped his wings to take it to his old and kind mistress. Unfortunately a ray of sunlight caused its brilliance to catch the Sultan’s eyes. He immediately ordered for the rooster’s capture. When he was brought to him, he collected the diamond and told his guards to throw the rooster into the well.

The guards threw him into the well but immediately he landed into the water he swallowed all the water by saying

“Come my empty stomach and swallow all the water”.

He flew out of the well rushed to the Sultan’s bedroom and asked for his diamond. The Sultan ordered his guards to throw him into the furnace.

As the guards threw him into the furnace, he called on his stomach again

“Come my full stomach and quench this fire”

The water in his stomach extinguised the fire and again he went to demand for his diamond.

The Sultan was outraged and commanded his guards to throw him in the royal beehive.

As they threw him into the hive he opened his mouth and said

“Come my empty stomach and swallow all the bees”

He swallowed them and made straight for the throne room where the Sultan was having a meeting with his chief guard, Imam and grand vizier, the Sultan was enraged to see him again demanding for his diamond.

He bellowed at his advisers, ” what will I do to this rooster to get rid of him permanently”

“Lock him up in prison for the rest of his life” said the Imam

“Cut off his head” said the chief guard

“Sit on him” said the grand vizier.

The Sultan was happy to hear that last suggestion because he was as fat as ten men. His guards put the rooster on his throne and the Sultan waddled to go and sit on him.

The rooster quickly called on his stomach when he saw the Sultan get close to him

“Come my full stomach and release all the bees”

Did the bees sting the Sultan?

You bet they did!

The Sultan was in such pain that he ordered the rooster to go to his treasure box and get his diamond. When the rooster saw all the treasures in the box, he called on his stomach again

” Come my empty stomach and swallow all the money and Jewels”

After that he flew home and gave his kind mistress the jewellery to sell and distribute the proceeds to the poor.

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