15 for 15 challenge- Thirst

     I’ve been thinking of what my next post will center on for the 15 for 15 blogging challenge. I had a hard time trying to decide on either sticking to a particular theme eg health issues or my craft lessons or just winging it. I haven’t decided yet… :-), but something happened to me today that I’d like to share on this forum.

  My dad read English in the university and has been teaching English language longer than I’ve been alive, thirty one years in March. As you can imagine we had access to books and dictionaries at a very early age. My birthday present from Daddy was usually a dictionary. He’d never explain what a word meant, “look it up” was his mantra. This was annoying back then, he knew the word and its meaning. It would have been easier if he’d just told me. Before long I learnt to carry my dictionary and look up new words.

When I entered senior secondary school, he advised that I get an exercise book and find twenty new words each week and their meanings, synonyms etc. So began my love affair with my dad’s Websters encyclopedia and dictionary, I’d spend hours poring through and discovering treasures.

  Somehow life got in the way and technological advances made me forget my trusted dictionary with auto correct and Google replacing it. Today I was in daddy’s office and writing an application letter. I wanted to include the word conscientious but realised that I couldn’t spell the word, my phone couldn’t help me because what I tried to type was “concentious” (my smart phone couldn’t guess the word sef) and network was terrible so Google couldn’t work and I was forced to use the dictionary. As I used it I recalled all the pleasurable moments I spent with my dictionary over the years, and times I spent reading fascinating books rather than visiting gossip blogs. I realised that I missed hunting for knowledge in printed material, missed the pleasure of turning pages.

It got me thinking, technology may have made our lives easier but has it made our lives richer? Our smart devices may have all the answers but are we any wiser? We connect and communicate with ease but are our relationships fuller? These thoughts are by no means original and I definitely won’t be the last to ponder on these things. We zip through life on the fast lane and we might forget to replenish our mental resources and relationships, the end result is usually a latent void that might implode one day. 

  Do I have any fresh solutions? No I don’t. We already know all the clichés, “stop and smell the roses”, “no one is indispensable”, and so many others. I just want to bring a little reminder your way to water the soil of your soul, make time to do the things that bring you joy, touch someone positively. You might just be quenching a serious thirst.


  1. I likey.. Now this right here is writing on serene level.. Bubab, there are 2 blogs i go to, NO! 3, plus http://www.peaceitimi.com that i feel the kind of peace i felt here while reading this post, and you just made them 4. Nice one Bubba… It was a serene read.. hehehe Although this line made me chuckle a bit “rather than visiting gossip blogs.” FULL Pun intended ba?! heheheh.

    The crazy thing the Y2K generation is that the speed at which we are moving now is ridiculously fast, and Technology has made us Lazy, but oh well **in Ernies voice What to do La?! We just have to **In Amaka’s voice.. Keep up with the Jonses I guess.. Nice one Bubba, This was an enlightening read.. Hmmnnn Conscientious yeah! What does it mean?! I think i need to right that down **Shines teeth. Cheers Otunne.


  2. I totally agree that technology is kind of killing us. I was at the doc once waiting my turn and across from me sat a woman with her 7year old girl. Both of them were so engrossed with their smart phones I got upset. That little girl should be reading a book and not hanging on social media. Someone once said I worry too much that its just a cell phone but for me its not. And your dad’s method is absolutely cool. Doing something yourself stays with you longer..as compared to it being easily handed over to you. Gone are the days kids go into the play ground, watch meaningful TV, do craft exercises… Now they just want an iPhone and pad…its totally sad.


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