Twisting and turning,
Constant motion,
I’d feel dizzy, but I don’t know what that is,
The ground is so close, the sky is so black
Where’s my mother? I’m dying.

He’s falling too fast,
Is it too soon?
Am I too hard?
Will he hate me? The thunder deafens me
This love is killing me

We’ve done this before,
She’s never let me fall,
Today’s different, I can’t see her,
She’s so far away, there on the mountain
She can’t save me!

They weren’t meant to allow you flounder
They’d lift you above this storm
If only you’d use them
If only you’d try.

They’re raising me,
O! That’s their purpose
I’m soaring! Can you beat that?
Where’s my mother? I’m flying

What’s that shadow behind me?
I tilt my head and find her
She was there, there with me
Why did she leave me?
Why, why why?

You’d crawled long enough,
A crawling eagle will starve to death,
It was time to find your wings
To soar the majestic heights and find your place in the skies
Alone you were, but I never left you.
I went through the storm with you.

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