See that smile above, that unrestrained smile. I’ve felt uncomfortable with it for a long time, like it was defective or something. In addition I actively disliked the gap in my upper incisors, only the fact that it came to me straight from my beloved grandfather (neither of my parents have a gap like mine) prevented me from hating it. I hated the attention it drew from varied quarters, and the fact that it was easy to tell if I’d bitten someone- a story for another day.

So I rarely smiled and when I did it was with closed lips. I laughed a lot though, my laugh can be heard miles away but my smile remained closed. I have tons of pictures with closed lips and dancing eyes, I didn’t want the world to see my dirty secret. Several people told me I had a pretty smile, I’d scoff at them in my mind and wonder why they were that cruel.

Last year I was having a selfie session- I’m an Olympic bronze winning selfie taker, my brother said something that made me smile as I clicked the button. Surprisingly the picture was very good and I finally realised that my unrestrained smile wasn’t that bad.

Today I rediscovered an old dress and took selfies to see if it wasn’t looking terrible or outdated- it’s two years old.


Then I decided to smile a little and the first picture was the result.

   This post was borne out of the fact that I’m suffering from writer’s block and I have to update my blog daily this month. I hope you enjoyed my little story in lieu of a post.
Stay blessed everyone.



  1. Mami, I dunno where you got the idea from that your gapped dentition is bad cuz I love it!!…Ugo has that too and ladies with gapped dentition have the best smile!!!!!….If I could I would get me one of those….soooooo keep smiling mamacita!

    And I noticed the new template design…it is beautiful mami…


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