15 for 15 challenge- First of all…

Some years ago, I read a joke about blogging that makes me smile even now. In the joke, a mother finds her old diaries and shows her young son. He had no idea what a diary was and she had to explain. Finally he got the hang of it and told his mother, a diary is like a blog but on paper.

My blog is more than just my diary on the net, but an outlet for self expression and a way to interact with awesome people in the blogging community. And that brings me to the reason for this post- Janyl Benyl’s 15 for 15 blogging challenge. This challenge entails each blogger putting up fifteen posts on a theme not currently covered by his/her blog (that gave me some concern because my blog is eclectic). Duru was the winner of last year’s challenge (my Duru’s awesome like that) and he thought it would be nice if I joined the challenge and God knows I can’t say no to Duru.

I’m not sure what my theme will be, although I think I’d tilt towards jewellery making but that might change before my second post. I hope I’ll be able to stick to the challenge as well as provide relevant and beautiful content.

  Let the games begin!



  1. Now I get to ‘meet’ another awesome blogger who I am so sure already to fall in lyricallove with…all thanks to Duru. Cheers to this amazing young man who goes all the way out of unite people with beautiful minds. I am on to you like leeach ma’am but rest assured, I won’t be doing any blood sucking…


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