That rare light,
Port in every storm,
Home to the weary,
Help to the defenceless,
Shelter from danger.

Heart as big as Everest,
Smile as wide as the Amazon,
Eyes as sharp as an Eagle’s, doesn’t miss nothing,
Face that calls to mind Cleopatra,
Laugh as sincere as the sky.

Why do I love you?
I could tell you a million reasons.
That tenderness that enfolds us,
The love that encompasses us,
The courage that emboldens us.

How can I show you?
How your lessons have made me
Your wisdom guides me
Your love for God inspires me
Your gentleness humbles me.

“I love you” seems trite,
Men have made love common, without value.
Yet it’s the strongest word I know,
I love you mommy,

For my mother who’s amazingly awesome.
For Tibs who’ll be an amazing mom.



  1. Aww mami, I got back today and thought to check up on my Adaeze and BAM!…I run into this. Mami, thank you eh…God bless you!. I am most grateful for this. I showed Mofaya this and he said, ‘Is that Adaeze that fictional goddess’….**grabs shotgun** mami, let’s be clear, I am the one who actually comments here, all he does, is read the I am the legitimate fan here not him….(thought I should let you know)…hehe…Love me some Adaeze…


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