From my perch- episode two

  Last Friday I started a mini-series based on my experiences as a community pharmacist, a few anecdotes about the things I’ve seen and heard.

  I went to see my friend and university classmate who’d had twins, and we talked about a wide range of subjects. Before long the subject of infertility came up, the costs, physical, mental, financial etc. We’d seen people spend outrageous sums in the quest for a child, and also seen several people who actively seek to terminate pregnancies. While I’m not judging such people, it always makes me feel sad.

For me, the funniest case I saw was of a man in his mid thirties who asked for drugs to terminate his girlfriend’s pregnancy. He refused to be convinced by my pro-life spiel. Eventually I ask him why he doesn’t want a baby and his answer got me laughing hard. What was his answer? “My father would kill me”. I’m pretty sure his father still paid his bills at the time. I still think that was the height of irresponsibility.

Have a splendid weekend y’all.


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