Big M

I’m sitting at the NYSC secretariat clinic while my friend is getting hitched. Yes Baby has left the singles building and has pitched tent with awon married people. I’ve been getting pictures from Hero and I feel really sad that I couldn’t be physically present due to my CDS responsibilities at NYSC, it would have been crazy fun. Well I’ll get to enjoy all my wedding rice, turkey and everything- whether baby likes it or not.

The big M scares me, committing my life to being someone’s help meet and partner when I can barely help my self. Being with one man until death parts us is not my idea of a fun ride, how will I deal with the hurts and disappointments that marriage may bring? I honestly don’t know. My friend Baby is glowing like the sun, Hero who’s next in line isn’t really nervous. So maybe this is just me being neurotic or maybe not….



  1. The M word scares me too. But remember this at least, marriage when it’s done right makes the both of you greater and better than you were originally.
    So look forward to it instead of dreading it.


  2. My guy u will be fine left your rice with hero…lol
    Marriage shouldn’t be dreaded, remember its a mysterious union that God himself honours(one chases a thousand and two ten thousand), two heads are better than one also..etc etc


  3. Awww…mami…don’t be scared eh….it is actually fun when you marry your bestfriend….I mean, it is EXTREME fun….Congrats to your friend…and no worries eh…when you find you ‘The One’….you won’t be scared anymore…


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