From my perch- episode one

Yesterday I said I was going to write more this year, actually I said I would write and write and write this year. This morning I woke up with a slight problem facing me, what would I write about today? Where would I get the inspiration to write and write from? I scratched my imaginary “kingly” beard and decided to write about somethings I’ve experienced, school days, Lawanson days, Uniben days etc. I decided to share anecdotal stories from my experiences as a community pharmacist.

A few days ago, my friend who’s a comm pharm shared this status on facebook “my customers can talk to me and their health problems and personal lives, no problem. But when they start telling me about their ancestral and village issues… that one na trouble”


Photo Credit

   I haven’t been a comm pharm for very long, roughly two years with gaps in between but the things I’ve seen and heard have been interesting indeed. I won’t be sharing names or locations so I’m not breaking any confidential information.

  On a certain Friday, a man in his thirties walked in and asked for medication for premature ejaculation for his friend. He was fair, handsome and slightly chubby and had the aura of someone who hadn’t been in Nigeria for a while (there’s no way he could have maintained that colour in Nigeria). His next words confirmed my hunch, he said his friend was in Europe and couldn’t satisfy his ‘women’. We looked at several options before we settled on three drugs, he got a call and had to go out for a while. He came back and asked if I accepted euro. I smiled and told him I didn’t, he decided to go and change his money. He was so “worried” about his friend’s plight that he read all the directional leaflets for the drugs we looked at.

He was such a loving friend that I’d never forget his concern for his friend. I’ll sign off with a cartoon by John McPherson


Have a great weekend y’all



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