Land of dreams

  Welcome to 2015!!!

How was 2014? I hope it was everything you expected and more. I’m sure there were setbacks, heartaches and disappointments but those are the sour flavours that balance the sizzling dish that life is. My 2014 was a dashing adventure, I lost love, found it and lost it again, made new friendships, wrote and wrote and wrote. It might not seem like much to you but I regularly updated not one but TWO blogs, even finished a series or two which is more than I’ve ever done in my life.

  I finished my internship, had a five month break, went to serve my country even though I don’t know how I’m supposed to be doing that in Surulere LGA but it’s all good. I’ve learnt that logic doesn’t always equal right, a lesson I learnt the hard way beside Hero. Learnt that there’s nothing I cannot do if I wanna and I set my mind to it, again Hero was there to cement that lesson.

  Yesterday was my twenty seventh birthday, (yes I was born on New Year’s eve) I’m so grateful to God for the gift of life and the gift of himself in my life. My whole life’s been a journey of grace, sometimes it came when all was lost but it never faltered. I was going to update my blog and write about how I felt to be finally twenty seven, somehow I couldn’t find the words to express myself so I let it be.




      My dad and I are both December 31 born.

  This morning I was watching CNN with my dad and the brand USA ad came on, the one with Rosanne Cash singing ‘land of dreams’. I’d seen the advert a few times before but today it spoke to my heart. I went to Google, got the title of the song and downloaded it, as I listened I understood why the song touched my heart. It’s my theme song for this year, a love song from heaven to me, an affirmation of the things I’ve longed for and prayed for.

Land of Dreams
I heard you calling from the start
A river runs through both our hearts
A thousand shades of something new
I cannot wait to play for you

So play your songs and make them real
There’s a place for all we feel
And it’s closer than it seems
Come and find your land of dreams

Land of dreams, land of dreams
Come and find your land of dreams
And it’s closer than it seems
Come and find your land of dreams

The world is smaller in our eyes
The city streets and moonlit skies
The shining waves and evergreens
I will give you everything
Well you can hear the bells and strings
Just wait until you make them ring
And it’s closer than it seems
Come and find your land of dreams

When I saw the lyrics, I couldn’t help but feel so loved by my heavenly father. He always finds special ways to show me his immense and manifold love for me, this isn’t the first time he’s used a “random” song to lift my spirit or tell me his plans for me. Isn’t it amazeballs that he’s offering me everything? All I have to do is find what I want in my land of dreams aka 2015.

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, Europe especially. To see Florence, Sicily, Geneva, Lisbon, Istanbul and other places I’ve read about since I was a little girl in primary school. Right now I can’t afford to pay my way but I’m not letting that dream die, not now, not ever. I’m beginning to want to get married, it’s a big deal because I’d never wanted to be ‘under’ a man, change my surname and all that. Yet this year the stirrings are there, recently I re-read “how to hear from God” by my Mama- Joyce Meyer and she talked about how God implants a desire for a gift he’s about to give us. So my stirrings and budding desire means something whether I like it or not. Even though I don’t have a boyfriend or anything right now, it’s possible that my husband and I would read this post on Friday January 1st 2016… Just saying.

Finally I’m going to write and write and write this year and make my literary dreams come true. Even those so daunting that I can barely whisper them to myself, I’ve learnt in 2014 that talent or not if I’m willing to do the work it will pan out in the end. So I’m no longer going to say I’m not talented, I’ll just write.

My biggest plan this year is to be a better friend, better supporter of other’s dreams and aspirations, and that includes you, yes you reading this post. We’ll ride through 2015 together and it will be glorious.

  Happy New Year ndi nkem.



  1. **sad face** Mami, it’s not fair tho’…I had no clue yesterday was your birthday…You didn’t holla at me before then, I would have found a way to get you gift mami…I am really sad buh I will get you something. Happy Birthday mami….I am happy that you got a cake and you are all smiles with Big Papa….Nice. You know, mami, this year is gonna be amazing…you wanna get married? You will meet a great guy this year. And you gotta keep writing…Don’t stop! I check on this blog as soon as I see an update on my bloglist…so no worries eh…(I am pouting right now)…buh I love you dearly Adaeze…**whispering** I see you got a new series on the other blog…Abracadabra!


  2. Ada dadi!
    Happy birthday in arrears! Well done, my dear and just keep going. Trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own understanding; acknowledge Him in all your ways and He shall direct your paths.
    God bless!!!


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