Out of a craving… Something to eat

   This month I’ve been having an intense craving for prawns. No! I’m not pregnant, at least not yet… Somehow I had no time to go and get prawns and I didn’t really have any idea on the prawn dish I wanted to make, so I kept mumbling about it to my friend and he kept offering to get me some even though he lives very faraway from me and he had no idea where to get them.

   Yesterday I met up with another friend at one of the Surulere malls and we had shawarma and coke and laughed all through, as we were leaving I decided to ask for the price of their prawn in green pepper dish and I was told two thousand five hundred naira. My first thought was “what the (rhymes with duck and starts with F”? It was a giant ripoff, with that money I could make prawn soup!

I decided to make my own version of “prawns in green pepper” and I’m sharing it with y’all whether you like it or not.

I started out with prawns



Then I chopped yellow peppers


Added chopped garlic and ginger to a slightly heated pot and allowed it dry a little before I added a spoon of oil



Chopped yellow peppers in the mix


Prawns in the mix


The green pepper part


Green peas


I added green pepper, I don’t let my green pepper overcook so it doesn’t wilt or transform from sweet to bitter.


In addition, I included cayenne pepper, spice for fish and sweet basil


Guess who joined the party…


I love the pale pink colour


A spoonful of flour to thicken the sauce with soy sauce and oyster sauce condiments


Yes my “photographer” wanted a plate but the ribena was all mine.

No fuss cooking,  just the way I like it.

Merry Christmas to everyone and may this season bring joy and peace.



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