The gambler

They found her body in a squalid room; dingy, dirty and dusty. She’d been dead for a few hours. She hadn’t paid her rent for the last month and the landlord got antsy. He did not brook late payment in his buildings, he dealt the dregs of society and knew how to deal with them. In a former life he’d been Chibuko Osakwe, the heir apparent to a huge business conglomerate. Until Lucifer’s favourite daughter destroyed his fortune seemingly in one day.

  Chibuko’s eyes glazed at the memory of his ex-wife and the thought of what he’d do to her if he was given five minutes alone with her. The officer’s voice brought him back from his living hell to the body in his building.

“I don’t really know anything about her, she paid her rent regularly and didn’t cause any trouble” his voice rusty like he’d just recovered from a nasty cold. “If there’s anything else you want to know, ask her neighbours. Although I’m sure you won’t get much from them”.

  The detective knew asking further questions would be pointless, she handed over the corpse to the state environmental services knowing that it will end in an unmarked grave. Clenching and unclenching her fist, she mentally prepared her report.

She couldn’t get Jane Doe out of her mind, although she’d come across many corpses in her line of work and had seen enough violence to last her a millennium. Jane had looked so peaceful in death, almost like it was a sweet release. She wondered if anyone was looking for her, if someone missed her, or loved her.

She returned to her flat at just after ten pm, she was too exhausted to do anything other than shower and hit her bed. She soon began to dream of Jane Doe.

Both of them were walking side by side on a red brick road, Jane was picking wildflowers and sticking them on her hair. She loved flowers and pretty things she explained, they were her weakness.

“Would you like to know my story, how I ended up in that room?” 

She could only nod, her mouth too dry to form any words. Her mother had told her a long time ago that one didn’t talk to spirits, they could steal your voice if they didn’t like what you said to them.

“I lived a full life” she said, her voice sounded like waves at the beach.

“I was beautiful and rich, had a husband that worshipped me and the most adorable children in the world. Somehow it wasn’t enough, I wanted an exciting life, straight out of a Jackie Collins novel. Money, drugs and orgies called my name and I answered seven times.”

  “My husband and children begged me to reconsider, I was having the time of my life, how could I listen to them? I divorced my husband and abandoned my children as I flitted from billionaire to billionaire”.

“Soon my looks faded, I was too hooked on drugs and gambling to make rational choices. Eventually I found myself in Mr Chibuko’s house where I “entertained” male friends and scored cheap highs… Then I saw my son’s picture in the paper, the paper that was used to wrap my chips. He just returned from Cambridge where he had made the best result ever in the classics department. According to the paper, twenty-five universities around the world had offered him scholarships and eventual tenure at the end of his postgraduate studies. The article said he lost his mother at the age of four and his father had singlehandedly brought up him and his other high flying siblings. I had an emergency stash of a particular medication that could stop the heart in high doses. I’d never been truly tempted to use it but that night I crushed the tablets, twenty of them and mixed them in ribena….

My name was Donna, I just didn’t know when to walk away.



Art by JohnPaul Okutachi

Yesterday was Tibs‘ monthiversary, her sixth month as a blogger. She’s such a powerhouse that it’s hard to realise that she hasn’t been doing this forever. When I grow up, I wanna be like her 😉


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  1. Oh mami, this story touched my heart…buh you know, I can relate to it…I can only imagine what would happen if my mother saw me today…**sigh** Thanks mami for the wishes….I am gonna have to learn to write fiction mehn….I mean…not ‘learn’ exactly…I could start with writing bout cats and dogs…hehe…As always…mind-blowing story..


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