Friendship first began with a pesky brother, he was and is partner in crime, accomplice, cheerleader and most importantly the person who knows most of my faults and has never judged me.

Friendship was another little boy… another brother. He was and is my baby, friend and pastor. He makes me angry with lightening speed but can make things better with a smile. He’s probably the smartest person I know and he taught me that friendship can make you made

Friendship was one Muslim girl from Kogi who was the fattest girl in Primary two who taught me that friendship had no tribe or religion
Friendship was an SS1 girl when I was in JSS2, her corner was my oasis and a shield in the terrible wasteland of northern Nigeria. She taught me that friendship had no age

Friendship was a talkative classmate in SS1, I was adrift in a new school. Not only was I in a new school I was also a teacher’s kid. Double reasons to be an outcast. She stuck to me and chattered away despite my extreme rectitude and anger at being stuck in an inferior school.
She was also there for me when I “offended” the most popular girl and was shunned by all the popular girls in class, even though she was at the heart of the social circle. She taught me that friendship had X-ray vision and was more adhesive than aradite.

Friendship was a young man in Jamb class who was wise and kind. He remained my friend despite my mother’s fierce unwarranted dislike for him. He’ll be thirty on Saturday and he’s still that friend that distance and time can’t dim our camaraderie. He taught me that friendship can thrive in hatred.

Friendship was again another talkative girl who had the sharpest mouth in uniben, who dragged me to buka and bought me food worth fifty naira even when I was too proud to admit that I’d gone without breakfast and lunch. Much later I learnt that her financial condition was worse than mine. We eventually became roomates for over five years and sisters. She taught me that friendship had no pride and is thicker than water.

Friendship was a young man who was boyfriend, rant listener, pillow, sage, many things. He made sure he saw me daily despite many odds. He’s the most loyal and caring person I know. He taught me that friendship is sacrifice.

Friendship was a snarky and sarcastic young man who didn’t suffer fools gladly, yet he consistently shared his lunch with me during lean times. He taught me that friendship was a diamond in the rough but no less precious.

Friendship was a young man with the boldest writing in class. Eventually he became a brother and he was there for me day and night in every way during my darkest days. He taught me that friendship is a rock in the raging seas of life.

Friendship was one of my bosses at work, I’d admired his work ethic and liked to work with him. He was friendly and fair, he’d NEVER try to make you feel inadequate when you made the stupidest mistakes. How we became friends I don’t understand, we’re opposite in almost everything. He’s shy where I’m fearless, order to my entropy and stubborn to my yieldy nature :-p. He taught me that friendship can be illogical and crazy and still be diamond strong.

Friendship is a young man I’ve never seen or touched yet who knows my darkest secrets and doesn’t treat me like I’m fragile. He cuts through my bullshit and false walls everytime and gives me the advice I’d give myself if I wasn’t being so neurotic. He’d stay awake at 1am despite the fact that he has to leave home by 5am to analyse the murky waters that my life has become. He taught me that friendship transcends time, distance, sight and touch.

Finally friendship is the nephew of an ex-boyfriend, who’s become my nephew too. He’d call me and tell me he misses me and I’d leave whatever I’m doing to see him. He thinks I’m awesome and I think he’s fabulous.
Again I’ve learned that friendship has no age.

Friendship is a blogger who visits my blog and gives me advice and encouragement everytime. This my corn and pear loving blogger taught me that friendship lifts you to places you cannot imagine.

Friendship is yet another blogger who makes the world a beautiful place with her inspiring reality blog. She makes everyone of her readers feel like they are the best of the best… Beautiful inside and out she is. She taught me that friendship is sacred.

And I think I’ve come full circle.



  1. Yay!….She has an update!!…Lemme tell you what Friendship is to me….
    Friendship is the day I met Adaeze and she left a long comment on my blog which aroused my curiosity…I got on her blog to escape from my reality into the beautiful fictional world she created. I called her one evening and I was starstruck….I was giggling all the way because I had met someone better than me and she had taken time out of her busy schedule to talk to me….and I told my husband bout the conversation I had with this lady called Adaeze….Some would prefer what they see to what they hear….with you, I prefer what I hear cuz what I heard over the phone was Greatness….Now that is friendship to me.


  2. Thank you, my friend for lifting me up and reminding me that even during our dark times, there are shafts of light all around. You are a shaft of light…keep shining and brightening those around you.
    Thank you💞


    1. Thank you too, I remember your first comment on my blog… paragraph spacing, remember? It was a “small, simple” tip but it blessed me in 2 way. One was the spacing itself that made my work easier to read. The second was you made me feel validated as a writer. It was a “casual” kindness but it meant a lot to me.


      1. I’m so glad it was helpful. I remember quaking in my virtual boots, wondering who was I to give tips to people who’ve been blogging before me but then I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t I want someone to point out my flaws so I can get better?’

        You have a gift…that is incontestable…use it!

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