Happy birthday Erniesha

I’m down with flu and just came back from church after a rather long service. I should lie down and try and chase sleep. However today’s a very special lady’s birthday and I have to write a few lines to tell her what she means to me.

Ernie is a beautiful young woman I met on blogosphere, we’ve never met in person yet I consider her one of my dearest friends. I discovered her blog one day while I was blog hopping and I couldn’t stop laughing at her humour and nodding my head to the wisdom I saw in every post. The fact that she considered her readers as her family further tripped me about her and I made it a point of duty to visit her blog daily because she updates daily. Before long I started leaving comments on her blog, it was a huge step for the normally taciturn me. That was how I became part of the ever bubbling TTT family.

Ernie’s a superwoman, she runs a daily blog which God knows is not easy, she visits all our blogs and leaves insightful comments. She runs a store, is doing her second degree and she is Married! Where she gets her energy from, only God can answer that.

Ernie I wish you all the blessings in heaven, the fulfillment of all your heart’s desires and that all your dreams come true. You are loved by so many especially me and Boss Mofaya 😉
Happy birthday Sweetheart.

Ernie blogs here



  1. Omg!!!….Adaeze!!!…I dunno what to say mehn…I mean you TTT fam guys are blowing my mind today mehn…I cried from yesterday till today and you know what…Enough already with the tears of joy!…Time to be real…Adaeze you are a blessed woman!…I remember the first story I read on your other blog, I was like, ‘Fuck my life, why the hell can’t I write fiction like this woman????’…hehe….mami…I am humbled. You blew my mind with this post. Taking your time to do this means alot to me. Giving someone your time is far more precious than buying them a gift. So I am grateful for this…..As for that flu….My God in heaven will judge it. lol…I mean …you left everyone and found your way to Adaeze????….God will judge it…lol….Mami. Thanks alot for this post. I won’t forget it in a hurry. God bless you Adaeze.


  2. Hello Adaeze, I hope the flu didn’t weigh you down. I want to say thank you for this post. You mean a lot to us and this is a great gift that you have given to my Empress. I really appreciate it and we won’t forget this. God bless you.


    1. Wow! The boss himself visits my blog…. Smiling like a mini boss. Tibs deserves much more than this na! She’s an amazing woman and you’re blessed to have her!


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