Hold me she tells him, I’m already holding you is his firm reply.
Oya look at me she commands, he raises his head from her chest and looks at her.
I’m sleepy he tells her, allow me to sleep he begs.
She wiggles in his arms, you’re not giving me any attention she complains.
If I give you any more attention, you’d suffocate from it.
She smiles in reply, he knows how to make her smile even in a nag fest
Allow me to sleep for five minutes, then I’d smother you with attention.
She considers his point, it’s only five minutes…

An hour later she wakes up, did I sleep? She asks herself.
She sees a glob of saliva on his arm, his arm her makeshift pillow.
She’d even drooled, a sign of restful sleep
She looks up into his smiling eyes, she smiles back, a little reluctantly
He can still make me smile, she ponders
I can still sleep in his arms, many years after we’d left each other.
And no one else has she felt that safe with since then.
She squeezes his hand, she’s finally home.



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